Game of Thrones makeup tutorials to get you ready for season 7

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. Is she your beauty inspo?

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. Is she your beauty inspo?

With the return of Game of Thrones after a seemingly endless wait, we thought we'd round up a few makeup looks to help you celebrate. 

Sure, a spot of makeup won't transport you to Westeros, but it's a bit of fun anyway. If you're having a viewing party, why not get on-theme?


Let's be serious, any character played by Emilia Clarke is going to be pretty gorgeous. BYO horse heart. 

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Beauty guru Carli Bybel has one of the best Daenerys tutorials we've seen. As commenters have pointed out, her natural resemblance to the mother of dragons does help her out, but it's still worth a look. 

If you're keen to get a little bloodier, this tutorial from Glam&Gore has your back. 


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New Zealand's own YouTube favourite Sally Jo Hickey has a Sansa tutorial with over 34,700 views. Like Bybel, Hickey looks a lot like the character she's dressing up as. 

Sansa, played by Sophie Turner, has a natural but distinctive look. Hickey does a beautiful job of it. 


While you hopefully won't be using this to seduce your own brother, Cersei's look is worth emulating. With defined, arched brows and a bit of contour, Lena Headey's makeup is lovely. 

Cosplayer Ria Regalia's video is a great place to start. 


While the long-haired women of Game of Thrones tend to have elaborate hairstyles, Melisandre is one of our favourites. 

Just remember not to take your necklace off. 

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