Why Lauren Curtis moisturises her eyebrows

Lauren Curtis says we should pay less attention to beauty trends.

Lauren Curtis says we should pay less attention to beauty trends.

Australia's top beauty vlogger has shared her makeup and skincare secrets. 

Lauren Curtis, 24, has over 3.6 million YouTube subscribers and 1.5m Instagram followers. She told Vogue that her number one beauty hack is a little weird. 

"I actually put a bit of moisturiser on my brows before I fill them in, especially if I've done a full face of makeup," Curtis said.



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"I use an eyebrow powder and it doesn't stick properly to the skin when it's been set with powder, so by adding a bit of moisturiser to them I'm getting that tackiness back that allows me to draw clean lines around my brows and then easily fill them in."

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While it's not quite the three-step eyebrow skincare routine we first imagined, it's definitely a little unexpected. Curtis's brows always look great though, so might be worth a try. 

Curtis goes on to say that her top two makeup products would be brow powder and mascara, adding that it's the only makeup she wears 90 per cent of the time. 


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Her other biggest beauty tip was to "care less about beauty trends and more about what makes you feel confident," she told Vogue.

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"Beauty isn't one-size-fits-all and just because a technique or trend is popular, doesn't mean you need to follow it."

Curtis also said to focus on skincare first - "You'll be amazed at how much better your entire makeup application will look" - and that expensive doesn't always mean better quality. 

"There are so many amazing products that are super affordable that do an even better job than their expensive counterpart," she told Vogue. 

Curtis started her channel in 2011 while living with her mum and working at chain store Target. 

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