Why rosehip oil is the hottest thing in skincare right now

For gorgeous, glowing skin, it's all about the oils right now.

For gorgeous, glowing skin, it's all about the oils right now.

Blame GOOP, blame the mainstreaming of alternative beauty methods, blame the outbreak of skin inflammation because it's winter and we all love wine.

But whoever or whatever you choose to blame, know this: oils are the biggest thing to hit the skincare scene right now.

And rosehip oil is the hero of the current oil trend, probably because it does almost everything, from minimising wrinkles, to alleviating acne, burns, scars, stretch-marks and even reducing redness and eczema.

Once known primarily as the go-to salve for incense-laden massage parlours and free-range mothers-to-be, it's no surprise the product is now enjoying widespread appeal.

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For proof, check out this article, from US InStyle magazine, which reported that a particular brand – Teddie Organics rosehip oil - has over 2200 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Its popularity might be best explained by the fact that it contains absolutely nothing apart from rosehip oil, no additives, no synthetics – and it's cold pressed, which sounds like a nothing term, but in fact means that a steel press is used instead of a heating process to extract the oil.

The result is that the integrity of the ingredients is kept intact. So, all those juicy vitamins and antioxidants remain, well, cool.

It's only US$22 and at the moment the only place it appears to be for sale is on Amazon. I spoke to a company spokesperson, who had some hopeful news.

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"We're setting up our website over the next few weeks and that should allow us to ship internationally," he told me over email.

"We don't have plans to offer reseller or distributor rights yet. Although this is something we may look into next year."

For more details, you can check out their Facebook page. Be warned: they keep selling out!

But the Teddie Organics rosehip oil is not the only one to enjoy cult status. A bottle of Trilogy rosehip oil is sold somewhere around the world every 20 seconds. It's also the number one rosehip oil brand in New Zealand and Australia.

And then there are several other oils that do the tricks rosehip does. Personally, I have a lot of love for any sort of oil with a dash of sea buckthorn because I suffer from chronic rosacea. It doesn't cure it, but, just like rosehip oil, it helps. Below, a crop of the latest oils to hit the beauty market.

The Renewal Oil from La Mer $375

This gorgeous oil contains a trademarked ingredient called "miracle broth" and, let me tell you, at this price, it had better contain something supernatural. Fortunately, this tiny bottle of goodness lives up to its name. Its collagen-enhancing properties make it perfect not just for the face but for hands, cuticles and even hair.

Antipodes Divine Face Oil Avocado Oil & Rosehip $39

This one contains not just our favourite, rosehip, but avocado oil as well, which, according to the company, is scientifically proven to "stimulate synthesis of collagen in skin by up to 51 per cent". Not bad. 

Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil $43.99

Trilogy is home to the original organic rosehip oil, which is kinda what the entire company was built on. They also have a brand new addition to the beauty market: a blend which boasts the inclusion of maqui berry oil, reportedly a "super oil". This newbie also contains my dearest sea buckthorn.

 - dailylife.com.au


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