My Sunday routine: Tiffany Jeans, creator of Curionoir luxury fragrances

Tiffany Jeans of Curionoir.

Tiffany Jeans of Curionoir.

I try my best to make it to a yoga class in the morning. I have three children and most Sundays we go for walks, one is in the pram, one is on his bike or skateboard and our teen, if she does come with us will have her headphones on these days!

We love Grey Lynn Park, Nixon Park…anywhere local. I'm not afraid of taking the kids out for fresh air even if it's raining. It's pretty vital for us to get out every day, we're a relatively active bunch in our home.

We actually have just started having My Food Bag delivered to us on Sundays so we are prepared for the whole week! Or my go-to for a Sunday night meal is always a roast chicken with a luscious green salad and chopped raw veges. It's a family favourite.

As I am a loyal Dermalogica user, every Sunday night I do have a special routine where after cleansing I exfoliate with the Multivitamin Thermafoliant and then I use the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, on top of my usual daily skincare routine. It gets me feeling skin ready for the coming week.

Outside of caring for my skin I love to wear one of our fragrances. They all have different meanings, so I'll match to my mood. They only take a second to apply and stay with me throughout the day.

We don't watch a lot of TV…although once Game Of Thrones and Peaky Blinders are back on Netflix we will be there.

We always have Curionoir candles on, of course, especially before everyone goes to sleep. I don't like mixing the aromas of food with our scents so after dinner I get the candles on throughout the whole house and while we're reading to our children in their beds we have the extra warmth of scent. We put them out just before we go to bed at night.

We are a family of five, so every day is washing day! I don't do any planning for what to wear on Sundays, as I know what I will wear, which is Miss Crabb! She makes our clothing for myself and our staff at Curionoir. I wear something by Miss Crabb every day as what she produces is my absolute favourite. I may add in some Penny Sage too as I love what she makes also.


@thegreateros_ has the most beautiful window today...come and see ✨✨✨✨

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MY IDEAL SUNDAY They're all ideal.

MY TYPICAL SUNDAY It's spent with my family.



PERFECT SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE OR TV SHOW Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders.

FAVE SUNDAY CAFÉ One 2 One for their Bircher Museli. It's absolutely amazing.


BEST HANGOVER CURE I don't drink so don't get hangovers!

BEST TIP FOR DEALING WITH THE SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES Yoga in the morning although, I don't feel there is any point in having the Monday Dreads. When you have a family and business that keep you motivated and moving there is no room to feel blue.

 - Sunday Magazine

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