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EMILIA CLARKE: The lovely GoT star whipped fans into a frenzy by posting this selfie with a somewhat geeky looking Jon Snow (aka Kit Harington) and the cheeky caption: 'Wait..... did I NOT tell you guys?! Um yeah. Now if he'd only bend the bloody knee there'll be no problems.....' Make of that what you will. And if it means nothing to you, at least it's a cute selfie, no?

RIHANNA: OK, so there's A LOT going on here, but seeing as this was Riri's outfit for a Barbados festival, I'm guessing 'subtle' wasn't the look she was after. Besides, I'm kind of digging the whole peacock vibe - new blue hair included.

VICTORIA BECKHAM: Is this cute or what? I have no idea why the Beckhams have taken over the Dunphy's house or where the rest of the Modern Family cast is and it doesn't even matter. That is one adorable family (who clearly likes their hats). And let's not forget Jesse Tyler Ferguson - now that's what I call a pose.

LADY GAGA: This one came with the caption: 'My one true love Amen, Fashion!' Is that why she's spooning a mannequin? And is that an octopus teddy bear? So many questions...

CHARLI XCX: So here's Charli XCX, rollerblading in her house while holding a fake Oscar and a light-up fidget spinner. And this was apparently taken BEFORE the party to mark the end of her 'birthday week', which she called 'the best house party of the century'. Must have been one hell of a night.

KYLIE JENNER: Here's another birthday girl. The Kardashian clan helped Kylie mark the big 2-0 by throwing her a surprise party that apparently included a chocolate fountain, an ice sculpture of her butt and a cake with her face on it. Good times. Not sure how this butterfly wall fit in with the festivities but there you go.

ASHLEY GRAHAM: There seems to be a lot of these 'stoop' pics lately on Instagram. Is that a thing now? I'm all for it if they all look as good as this one. Hair, tick. Dress, tick. Sandals, tick. Ashley Graham is #winning.

ZOE KRAVITZ: No-one said being a fashionista was easy. Case in point: when you get your lovely long coat stuck in a door. Poor Zoe. Looks like she's having one of those days.

CHELSEA HANDLER: What does the American comedian plan to wear when she travels overseas? This T-shirt. Fair enough.

KARLIE KLOSS: And finally, for your viewing pleasure, a happy model eating watermelon on a beach. Just because.

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In this week's roundup of celebrity Instagrams, Rihanna goes full peacock, Emilia Clarke gets GoT fans talking and the Beckhams become a Modern Family.

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Blue hair, bright feathers, and a bedazzled bikini: Rihanna goes all out for a festival.

Blue hair, bright feathers, and a bedazzled bikini: Rihanna goes all out for a festival.

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