Best midwinter Xmas venues

You can't go wrong with two Christmases in one year.

More than five months remain until Christmas, but why let that stop you? It's time to get merry and eat some turkey.

Partygoer voyeurism: good or bad? video

Police said partygoers at Whangamata kept celebrations under control during New Year's Eve. Inspector Freda Grace, ...

ANALYSIS: Photos of a man kicking another, ripped dresses, drunks asleep - too far or fair game?

How to stick to that resolution

Got big goals for 2017? Stick to those resolutions by following these tips.

Got some good resolutions for 2017? Here's how to make sure you actually follow through with them.

Boy dies in mum's arms

Ethan loved going fishing with his grandfather, Owen Kowalewski.

Five days shy of Christmas Day Ethan, 10, had an asthma attack that took his life.

Charities receive awful Xmas gifts

New Plymouth Foodbank manager Mike Merrick estimated about 1 in 10 items of donated food is unsuitable for clients.

Nobody wants that mildew-covered teddy bear from the back of your cupboard.

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More Christmas Headlines

6 ways to pimp your bubbles

Jazz up some old favourites this party season.

To jazz up some old favourites, consider a quirky garnish.

When Christmas presents attack

The $100 model boat Rachel Gibbs bought for her son exploded after being on charge for 30 minutes.

Auckland mum shocked as $100 Christmas present explodes, covering kitchen in black ash. 

Capital shoppers get mojo back

Alexia, left, and Danielle Stoddart celebrate a successful shopping trip outside Wellington's David Jones.

Wellington's quake-hit shoppers hit the shops on Boxing Day.

Not on the same hymn sheet

Rapper Tupac Shakur's 'Hail Mary' wasn't church-appropriate.

Lyrics to Tupac's 'Hail Mary' were accidentally printed for a Christmas carol service in Sri Lanka.

Shops heave, but did NZ spend? video

With gift vouchers or cash to burn, shoppers are hitting the malls hard again this Boxing Day.

"Stampede" reported and security guards needed as Boxing Day sales haul out the crowds again.

Present donation a family tradition

Rory Gardiner, 14, has a tradition of giving his Christmas gifts to St Mary's church in New Plymouth on Boxing Day.

Isn't this what Boxing Day is all about?

How to revamp Xmas leftovers

Sometimes the revamped version of your Christmas lunch can taste even better than the original.

Use these clever ideas to repurpose your Christmas dinner leftovers.

Grinch tickets car in empty park

Lance Palmer and Sue Garvey said the car park was practically empty on Christmas.

New Plymouth woman Sue Garvey just wanted to take her international visitors for a Christmas walk.

Where Xmas presents go to die

About 40 per cent of people in a survey believe it's okay to regift or even a sell a present that misses the mark.

Anyone want a mechanical crocodile, a smooth jazz CD or a selfie stick? TradeMe is awash with unwanted gifts.

Celebs share Christmas snaps

Kate Hudson and her family - including mum Goldie Hawn and step-dad Kurt Russell - say "bottoms up" to all their fans ...

While you're dealing with the aftermath of Christmas Day indulgence, some celebs have just started.

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