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THE GOOD: She's played the Queen (pretty bloody brilliantly, might we add), so it's hardly surprising that Claire Foy makes this Gucci look regal. It's an intriguing blend of demure, with the bow detailing and long swishy skirt, risqué with the sheer bodice (though it never veers anywhere south of classy on Foy), and there's a finishing flourish of whimsy. With a mish-mash of twee florals and sequins, it kind of looks like a Monet artwork created after a night at Studio 54 - and has anything ever sounded more fabulous than that? Brownie points for keeping the hair and makeup super minimal to let the statement detailing shine. Very well played, Ma'am.

THE GOOD: Diane Kruger used to be such a Best & Worst stalwart (particularly in the former of those categories) but she's not been around much of late. However what a gown to make a spectacular return to form in. This scarlet Giambattista Valli is so Grace Kelly-esque with its caped back, flowing chiffon and masterful ruching, and Kruger's played into the retro theme with a sleek chignon and killer earrings. So romantic, so refined, and so the first thing we’d grab if we were ever let loose in her wardrobe.

THE GOOD: Kerry Washington's floral Cushnie Et Ochs makes us happy - the print is fresh (the over-saturation of those Sicilian mob matriarch D&G florals are really testing us) and the off-the-shoulder neckline is an absolute classic and very flattering. Throw in some blue pumps and we're completely sold. She looks like a frenemy wedding guest - she hasn’t crossed any lines (it's not like she's in a long white dress), in fact, her cute floral is definitely summer wedding appropriate, but the bride still hates her for the upstage.

THE GOOD: Is it the most bow-down dress we've seen in our entire lives? No. But does that matter when you see how gloriously joyful Julianne Moore looks in it? Absolutely not. This suede Louis Vuitton mini is fun, punchy and -thanks to the luxe fabric and fringed back - just pretty darn cool. Love the half top-knot, adore the unexpected orange eyeshadow, and obsessed with the sunnies. All together it's quite 'fashwan', yes, but this is a Paris Fashion Week show. And seeing such a broad smile amid a sea of pouts is reason enough to love this perfect example of amazing woman wears dress, not amazing dress wears woman.

THE GOOD: This is giving us Renee Z at the 2001 Oscars vibes (and that's a definite compliment as that Carolina Herrera was an instant classic.) The gorgeous Tessa Thompson is wearing Schiaparelli Couture and serving up some retro glam while doing so. The marigold shade, her retro hair and that blingy brooch make this look the greatest of flashback Fridays. We'd change nothing.

THE WE-JUST-DON'T-KNOW: Ah, Cate. If anyone's going to make this gold Gucci craft project work, it's her, but alas we don't think it does. There's directional and blingy, and then there's fabric that literally looks like the sticky-backed plastic we covered our school books in when in Intermediate School (and that was a few decades ago). Neck up, she's a study in chic, but the rest of the look is all heavy shoes, ruching around the torso and skivvy-neck, and that's just too much for one fashionista to handle. We say keep the necklace, find another dress.

THE BAD: Jennifer Connelly has always been quite fashionably kooky, in that she can make some of the most eccentric ensembles look passable. Nay, sometimes even impossibly chic. However Louis Vuitton gave the Labyrinth star a sartorial turd even she couldn't polish with this Prince Charming jacket. An actress she may be, but even Jen's struggling to make the tale of 'oh, a fire drill went off in Versailles, and all I had to cover my silky little bloomers was the King's garden party overcoat' look believable.

THE BAD: Not sure what to wear to your next soiree? Well, luckily it's rather easy to recreate Brianna Perry's red-carpet look without hitting the shops. Step 1) simply get two white refuse sacks and trim the corners off. 2) Glue gun those suckers on to a plain white T-shirt bra. 3). Grab the biggest cheesegrater you can find at Kmart, and strap that down over your hoo-hah (bonus: you'll also save yourself a trip to the waxer's after a night of walking around in this). And voila, you've got the front bottom of a 60s prefab and a wipe-clean top half just perfect for hand delivering a cattle-load of calves.

THE BAD: We're fairly convinced that Cate Blanchett is not of this world because she has a superhuman ability to make all designs look graceful, but this week she's been given some impossibilities, including this Givenchy top. A white silk shirt should be in every woman's repertoire (or perhaps polyester, it's easier to launder), but not one that's sprouting facial hair. She's got some Cara Delevingnes on her chest, and a pair of Groucho Marxes taking over her shoulders. Side note: we just Googled what Givenchy blouses are retailing for, and you’re looking at about NZD2,000 for this eyebrow assault. At least.

THE BAD: The best bit of our day without fail is when we can finally slump on the couch and undo our top button (ah, the release!). So, from a physicality perspective we respect anyone who submits themselves to a Kardashian-peddled waist trainer. But perhaps the more painful part of this outfit on Keyshia Ka'Oir is the fact it's made out of chain mail, and poor Ms Ka'Oir had to sit on this flimsy, far-from-ergonomic conference chair all night. If a woman goes to the effort of concealing her nipples underneath her see-through metal jumpsuit, surely the least the event organisers could do is arrange seating in a material more glam (and less traction-tastic) than plastic? A velvet would suffice.

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In this week's fashion roundup, Diane Kruger returns to form, Kerry Washington brings the joy and Cate Blanchett just can't make it work.

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Diane Kruger and Kerry Washington are killing it this week but poor Cate Blanchett just can't catch a break.
Getty Images

Diane Kruger and Kerry Washington are killing it this week but poor Cate Blanchett just can't catch a break.

In this weekly fashion fest, we only bring you the horrors and the hits from the red carpets and only cover events where celebrities know they'll be snapped and critiqued for their fashion (so no Britney leaving Maccas in her trackies.)

Why? Well because all humans - even celebs - should be allowed to look rubbish while packing a Quarter Pounder (testify!).

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