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Bronwyn Williams cares far too much about fashion. The fashion writer and stylist writes about everything fashionable for The Dominion Post, The Press in Christchurch and Your Weekend magazine, and is the inhouse stylist and beauty reviewer at The Dominion Post. She is on a renegade mission to convert the population of New Zealand into a well dressed nation, one badly cut suit at a time.

In which I bid you farewell

10:50am 14 Jan 2013

Dear friends,

As the ageing rocker's wrinkles will inevitably show, and the whiff of a fresh dog turd result in a pulled face, all things must eventually come to an end. This marks the last post of Crazy Chic in her current form as I move on to other projects and challenges.

It won't be the last you read of me though; like that wafting dog turd stuck on your shoe, I'm pretty hard to get rid of. I'll simply be moving on to other places in other forms, but will always remain writing for your reading pleasure. 

It has been a wonderful ride, and I thank you all for your amazing and sometimes hilarious contributions to the blog. Together I think we may have helped make fashion that teensy bit funnier, and that teensy bit less scary.

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Packing for that holiday

07:25am 21 Dec 2012

Are we still here? Just? Good. Told you ya wouldn't die. There's this belief that the world will end on the 21st of December, and it turns people crazy. We attempt to cram six weeks' worth of work into one, we shop like they've never shopped before, and to top it off we drink and eat like it's our last supper. The only stitch that stops us from falling apart into a sobbing, broke, alcohol-stinking mess is the sight of that promised holiday not far on the horizon.

Whether you're going to Palmerston North or Paris for your break, you'd better get thinking about packing. Holiday clothes can be bloody boring and far too useful to feel celebratory in, so let's bury that notion and mix things up a little. They might say "Pack classic pieces that can be interchanged together into various outfits". I say "Let's take some sweet statement pieces and mash stuff up with a few less crazy pieces to make a menagerie of interesting outfits that make you feel festive and fun". Got it? Righto, let's begin:

Left to right, top to bottom: Something Else dress, Forever New necklace, Isabel Marant shirt, Kate of Arcadia bag, Isabel Marant Tee, Hills Hats hat, Givenchy heels on sale here, Peter Pilotto vest, House of Holland sunnies (call 0508 EYEWEAR), Surface Too Deep bikini, Converse kicks, Sass & Bide bra, Topshop shorts, CC Skye gold bangle, Diva black cuff, Lizzie Fortunato spike bracelet, and Jewel Rocks string bracelets, Sass & Bide clutch, and Levi's boyfriend jeans. 

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When opposites attract

08:47am 18 Dec 2012

Fashion is just a big game of dress-ups, they say; but come in costume and you'll be the last one picked for the team every time. Why? Because fashion also happens to thrive on being different - God forbid if you arrive at the party to find someone dressed the same as you.

Playing with opposites not only takes something that could be deemed a literal take on a trend and turns it into a theoretical rendition of what would otherwise be deemed a 'costume', it also makes any outfit look like it was nonchalantly thrown together, which happens to be an enviable trick of many fashion stylists (Sorry guys, I just let your great industry secret slip). 

Playing about with opposites not only stops you being poked into a particular fashion box, it also allows you to play with different sides of a personality. Flippy frilly dress fun for a day but feeling a little girly for you? Toughen it up with a heavy belt aka Taylor up here. She mash a womanly blouse with a tough bitch belt so nobody be mistaking her for a softie. 

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A gift guide for your body shape

09:20am 14 Dec 2012

It's freakin' Christmas! Or nearly. In the world of supermarkets, department stores and Warehouse ads, Christmas actually starts in early November, they're so eager to shove products down your throat. For the month of November and most of December I attempt to avoid these places so that I can avoid Christmas until the very last desperate minute. In my eyes Christmas doesn't begin until a few days before, when I go into a mad panic and start racking my brains for gift ideas, and remember that I'll have to plan my next week of meals as nothing will be open. This year, though, I've been thinking about the big day a little earlier than usual,mostly because of you people.

Gift giving is bloody hard, especially when it's for your really loved ones. Most of us are always afraid of getting the women in our lives clothing or accessories for fear they won't suit them, but I've been doing it for years for my mum and sister because I know their body shape. While I don't expect you to go out and get them a pair of slim-fit jeans in their size, I'm giving you a few tips down below on what would look amazing on their figures. Or your figure, if you're planning on shoving this in front of your lover's nose. Hints?  

A gift for a pear shape:

If you remember to my series of blog posts about body shape, a pear is bottom heavy with a booty and thighs that are wider than her shoulders. A short-handled handbag is great for a pear because the bag sits just under the armpit and draws the eye upwards and away from her problem area. This bag is a classic and it'll be noticed because it's Marc by Marc Jacobs and the magpie eyes of most women will zero in on it faster than you can inhale. But if you really want to be making them look, then choose a style with bold embellishments or super-bright colours. Them magpies will swoon...


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Fashion rip-offs OK?

08:50am 10 Dec 2012

A fake Louis Vuitton handbag is not OK, right? Or so the fashion industry says. But what if they put out their own "fake labels"? Well then it's hip and cool, apparently.

The latest buzz on fashion news sites is the emergence of a new label, Conflict of Interest. Nobody knows who's behind it, but apparently it's some people deep in the international fashion world for whom, if their identity were known, the production of these T-shirts would be a conflict of interest between it and their day jobs. Why? Because the tees are fakes.


Image via Stylebykling.

They are complete and utter piss-takes of high fashion, a point-and-laugh at the world's obsession with labels. Most fashionistas would scoff at paying $300 for a T-shirt, but if it's got a designer label stamped in plain script across the front, they'll toss their credit cards at the shop lady and gag for it, comfortably shelling out over $600 for an otherwise simple piece of cotton.

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