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Recipe: duck rogan josh

Having duck instead of typical proteins provides a great twist on this Indian take-out classic.

It's a signature Kashmiri dish with Persian origins and a Kiwi twist.

Super bowl

When you’re in need of both comfort and a health boost, look no further than this restorative soup from Morocco.

Learning to poach properly

Winter-warming alternatives to coffee

readers' recipes

Recipe: the easiest, edible gift

STOCKING STUFFERS: Or tummy stuffers, for that matter.

Even my allergic-to-the-kitchen husband could knock these feative treats out.

Recipe: Feel-good stir fry

This yummy, veggie stir fry from Kat Guise is a quick meal that won't hit you too hard in the pocket.

MMM ... MUFFINS: These muffins can be served with cream or yogurt. .

Fruity gluten-free muffins recipe

Yummy home-baked muffins? These gluten-free, grain-free, low sugar muffins are just the thing.


A very beery road trip

Hitting the big 70, Dick Tout of Nelson's Lighthouse Brewery, has decided to retire - 21 years after setting up his brew ...

From Auckland to Wellington, and Christchurch too, catch Kiwi brewers as they take to the road as they head to Beervana.

How to decline a drink gracefully

Friends won't take no for an answer? Get them off your back with these tried and true methods.

A round of Pharrell's Happy and... one Adele?

Turn your favourite song in to a drink

The happier a song is, the sweeter your blend will be.

food news

Humble market a foodie's paradise

Biodynamic farmer Hans Schaper is a legend in vegetable growing.

This market has the freshest vegetables you can buy.

Buried treasures

After years of patience, truffles are at last being produced in New Zealand. Stuff joins the hunt for the fragrant fungus.

Ben Hawkey, known as Hot Pie, is baking loaves in real life.

Real life Game of Thrones bakery video

Get an actual loaf of direwolf bread from Hot Pie.

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