At my place: Tina Stephen video

Tina Stephen lives in a multi-level home in the trees that has spaces for every aspect of life.

We visit the founder of in her multi-level house among the trees.

Small-space home offices gallery

Small offices do not need to be purely functional; there's always room for design interest and things you love.

Even the unused space under the stairs can be turned into a home office.

At home with Angus Walker

Angus Walker, artist and festival worker.

"I've always painted. Mum started framing my things when I was about 7 or 8."

Can box blight be beaten?

Kiwi scientist Dr Matthew Cromey has been working on mitigating the effects of box blight.

This fungal disease puts our beloved buxus plants at risk, but one New Zealand scientist is working at the cutting hedge.

This weekend's garden tasks

Mossy walls add character to gardens but moss on paths and steps can be slippery.

It's time to deal to slippery moss on paths and sow cold-weather lettuces.

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house of the week

In Kelly Thompson's home gallery video

Kelly Thompson says she likes to live in interesting places that aren't like other people's homes.

I'm not bothered with home ownership, says creative consultant Kelly Thompson. Her stylish Melbourne rental lets her enjoy a great lifestyle.

LVRs 'going nowhere'

The housing market has slowed substantially, but lending restrictions may stay in place for some time.

Life in Eastbourne's 'castle' gallery

House of the week: Akaroa gallery

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