At home with Waikato artist Angus Walker

Angus Walker, artist and festival worker.

Angus Walker, artist and festival worker.

Angus Walker, artist and festival worker, lives in Waipukurau.

This is the house that I grew up in. My parents have lived here for pretty much as long as I've been alive. It's a typical New Zealand weatherboard, corrugated iron kind of job. Victorian.

I've got a fairly active visual imagination; I can look out the window and see my brother and me playing cricket.

I'm not really living with my parents, just staying with them for a couple of months between gigs.

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I've embarked on a kind of transient lifestyle, going between arts festivals where I do things like manage food stalls and at the moment I'm between Adelaide and Edinburgh.

Growing up in Waipukurau was cool. We played a lot of sport, particularly cricket and soccer. We had a lot of friends living locally. We'd jump on our bikes and go and visit our grandparents down the road on their farm and go swimming in the river.

I've always painted. Mum started framing my things when I was about 7 or 8.

I work in a few different styles. One is black and white with an Aboriginal influence – doing them puts you into a kind of meditative state. Others are more gestural, there's more movement in them.

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This is usually a trailer shed. I am using it as a studio – like all studios it could definitely be bigger. But for a short time it's quite easy to have a studio right outside the house. It has a view of the hills. There's a lot of farmland around.

Angus Walker is currently showing at Aesthete Gallery in Hamilton. See

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