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Spring is a great time to plant bee-friendly flowers at your place.

Every issue of September's NZ Gardener comes with free wildflower seeds. If you've sown them, here's the place to register your pollinator-friendly plot.

Spring's shy flowers

Snowdrops (Galanthus elwesii).

These nodding spring flowers may seem shy, but a little bit of attention is all they need to become the belle of the ball.

8 native plants for pollinators

Though relatively brief in its flowering, manuka is one of the best plants you can grow for pollinators of all kinds.

For bees, bugs and birds a garden is a sort of progressive meal with casual sex thrown in and these flowering plants are main course.

Kids! Take our bee quiz

NZ Gardener's Plan Bee has lots of activities and projects to help you help the bees.

In this quiz, top answers get a Bee-plus!

A bee’s-eye view

Foraging bees use visual clues to look for food and find their way back to the hive.

Bees have a special way of seeing the world that gives them the ability to find flowers then find their way back to the hive loaded with pollen and nectar.

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