Tips for a better bedroom layout

Plan ahead to make the most out of your bedroom space.

Plan ahead to make the most out of your bedroom space.

Interior designers Rachel Brown of Harper and Suzanne Allen of Suzanne Allen Design help you plan a better bedroom.


Measure the space before buying a bed, says Rachel. And, while you're at it, ensure there is enough room to accommodate at least one side table, and room for access for bed-making. 

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Create a focal point in your bedroom with a headboard. It makes the room feel cosy and complete. "Make a statement with something plush and upholstered," says Suzanne.

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Install light switches beside your bed. No one enjoys getting out of a warm bed to turn off the light.


Select bedside tables before you buy your bed. "The right height for them is at the same level or slightly higher than the top of your mattress," explains Suzanne. If they're too high or low, reaching for a glass of water can be a recipe for disaster.

Load the bed with too many cushions. "It's too much work twice a day," says Suzanne, "and can make the bed look crowded and uncomfortable." Create balance by using a mix of size, colour and patterned or textured cushions.

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Buy a bed that's too big. "It is tempting to get the most generous size possible, but that could overcrowd the room." 

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