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Patrizia Moroso's celebrated m'Afrique collection was launched in 2009, and new pieces have been added over time. Kiwis looking for a splash of bright colour and imaginative design can find m'Afrique items at Matisse.

These Klaylife chandeliers are made from clay beads, hand-rolled by local women on a small farm in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Beads in seven various colours are combined in three chandelier designs. Available online and in-store from Tessuti.

These colourful, quirky chairs are the newest additions to the m'Afrique collection by Italian furniture makers Moroso. The Big Easy (left) is an armchair by designer Ron Arad that now comes in a m’Afrique version. This latest version is traditionally woven in brightly colored threads. Designed by Concetta Giannangeli, Sama’ (right) is a colorful woven chair that was inspired by a sacred dance of the Sufis.

Another new addition to the m'Afrique collection is the David Weeks-designed Amaca lounge chair. Weeks used local weaving methods and traditional materials to create the moiré pattern, which is the result of the warp and weft mixed with the spiral design.

Ay Illuminate works closely with different cultures throughout Africa to create beautiful unique lighting. These lamps are made from bamboo with paper shades (left and right) or with a fine hand-woven cotton shade (centre). Available from Tessuti.

Africa Rising: Fashion, Design and Lifestyle from Africa Published in 2016 by German firm Gestalten, 'Africa Rising' showcases the work of Africa’s young creatives alongside more established artists from the continent. Available from Paper Plane Store.

The 'Shadowy' chair and chaise longue by Dutch designer Tord Boontje was part of Moroso's initial 2009 m'Afrique collection. Both are available in three colourways, each using four colours.

Boontje also created the 'Sunny' lounger, to complement the 'Shadowy' chaise longue. The 'Sunny' and 'Shadowy' seats are designed for outdoor use, made using woven colored polyethylene thread normally used for fishing nets.

These A3-sized Elephant and Giraffe art prints would be a great addition to a nursery. By Hector Rose, available from Paper Plane Store

Spanish design firm Odosdesign use African-inspired graphic motifs for this kilim-style 100% wool rug. Naidu Rug available in three sizes from Matisse.

In 1951, Franco Albini designed an ottoman made of rattan (left), which has remained a popular choice with designers ever since. Also in rattan, the oval stool by May Time. Both are available in two sizes from Tessuti.

Designer Marc Thorpe added the 'Husk' chairs to the m'Afrique collection in 2015. Like the other elements of the collection, these seats are handwoven from colored polyethylene threads.

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In 2009, celebrated Italian furniture manufacturer Moroso launched the m'Afrique collection - a group of outdoor furniture designed by some of the biggest names in contemporary design, using sustainably sourced materials, hand-made in African communities.

Patrizia Moroso is the creative director of her family's eponymous company and one of the most influential names in contemporary furniture. 

Moroso's husband, Senegalese artist and designer Abdou Salam Gaye, was a driving force behind the m'Afrique collection. Over the years, other designers have contributed to the line.

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Last year, specialty book publisher Gestalten released Africa Rising: Fashion, Design and Lifestyle from Africa

"Design is such an important and growing industry in Africa," said writer and editor Katie de Klee, who contributed to the book. "In often challenging and resource-scarce environments, design in the Africa continent requires a certain type of creative alchemy that it doesn't elsewhere."

Patrizia Moroso said, at the 2009 launch of the m'Afrique collection: "Multifaceted, modern Africa deserves to be known and sustained for the originality of the creative languages with which it enriches global culture. The African continent is extraordinarily rich in creativity, materials and ideas that are sources of inspiration and nourishment for us."

Closer to home, furniture and accessories inspired by Africa are available from boutique and specialty homeware retailers.

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These are two of the newest additions to the m'Afrique collection. Like the rest of the line, they're woven from ...

These are two of the newest additions to the m'Afrique collection. Like the rest of the line, they're woven from polyethylene fibre, which is also used for fishing nets.

These oversized black-and-white prints would be a striking addition to an animal-loving child's room.

These oversized black-and-white prints would be a striking addition to an animal-loving child's room.

Some of the original pieces from the m'Afrique collection.

Some of the original pieces from the m'Afrique collection.

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