The Block: Stace and Yanita say they'll donate Givealittle funds

Like Ling and Zing, Stace and Yanita now have their own Givealittle page too, but they say they will donate any funds ...

Like Ling and Zing, Stace and Yanita now have their own Givealittle page too, but they say they will donate any funds received to Lifeline Aotearoa.

The Block second-place getters Stace and Yanita have posted on Instagram that they will donate any funds they receive from the Givealittle page set up for them.

In their post the pair thanked everyone for their support, and said: "So grateful for the Give-a-little page to have been set up for us! We do believe there are people that need it more than us... so we'd like to donate all the donated funds to Lifeline Aotearoa. A cause that is dear to our hearts.

"For those of you that have already donated, thank you so much for your generosity; if you don't want your money to go to this charity, direct message us and we'll return it to you." 

The Givealittle page was set up by Adam Robertson from the Bay Of Plenty, who describes himself as a "disgruntled viewer" and says Stace and Yanita are the "rightful winners of The Block NZ 2017".

Ling and Zing also have a Givealittle page.

Ling and Zing also have a Givealittle page.

On the Givealittle website Robertson says any money raised will help make up for the "12 hard weeks of intense physical labour" Stace and Yanita endured, as well as "being told they weren't the winners" after Andy and Nate's house got a second shot at auction.

"They deserve it," said Robertson of Stace and Yanita. So far 118 donors have pledged $2963 in total – a long way off the $100,000 Robertson wants to raise for the pair.

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Before the auction, everyone was happy.

Before the auction, everyone was happy.

Ling and Zing also have a page, which was set up by John Witty of Canterbury to help raise funds "for the reward they deserve".

"Surely everyone can put in a small amount for the boys," he said. "It (the money) will be given to the boys to spend how they like."

So far 818 generous donors have forked out $18,880 for the pair, which is considerably more than the $1000 they took home after the auction on Sunday night. The target is $50,000.

The money is actually being raised for Levi Inglis (Ling), the younger of the two bothers. Presumably he will share with brother Zac (Zing).

The Christchurch brothers had won the right to choose the auction order, and put themselves first in the line-up, a decision they clearly regretted.

Their house failed to set the room on fire. More like gasps when they had trouble reaching the reserve. There was a final call for $1,300,000. And it sold for that price, $1000 over reserve. Not a lot of cash for all that hard work over all those weeks. And Ling and Zing technically still have a $30,000 overdraft. 

"Just got to take it on the chin, head up," Ling said.

The auction was won by Andy and Nate after a second controversial auction, which saw them sell their house in the Potter Ave, Northcote development for  $1,250,000. That was $31,000 above the reserve – a bigger profit than any of the other teams.

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