Blogger's unicorn-inspired rainbow apartment video

From a rainbow wall to a Care Bear kitchen - this unicorn inspired loft is a technicolour dream.

Blogger Amina Mucciolo has taken her love of all things "whimsical, pastel, and sparkly" and transformed her 60 square metre downtown Los Angeles loft into a technicolour, unicorn-inspired dreamland. 

In a recent YouTube video Mucciolo explained that her inspiration to transform the space, known as Cloud Land, began with the bright pink DIY flower wall that hangs in her living room. 

"I really wanted the space to feel like spring all year round," Mucciolo said. "I kept seeing flower walls at parties and weddings and I thought, 'why doesn't anyone have one in their house?' So I made one myself."

She started with a pink flower wall... and didn't stop. The result is remarkable.

She started with a pink flower wall... and didn't stop. The result is remarkable.

Everywhere you look is an explosion of technicolour bliss: from the rainbow tassels on the living room wall to her quirky bag wall and the glitter-covered bathroom counter.

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If Mucciolo had to pick a favourite feature in her home, it would be the six-by-three metre mural of a gradient rainbow mural covered in neon splatter paint.


Current view as I work from home 💻💕📱🌈. What are you up to? #cloudlandliving

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"I had a Jackson Pollock moment and it turned out to be the best thing in the entire loft," she said. "It's such a happy, colourful thing to look at everyday and I'm so glad I took the risk."

Amina Mucciolo's downtown LA loft is full-on technicolour.

Amina Mucciolo's downtown LA loft is full-on technicolour.

Mucciolo's loft, which she sees as an extension of herself, has helped earn the blogger over 180,000 followers on Instagram.

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Did you think the colour explosion stopped at the living room? You thought wrong. 


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Wander through to Mucciolo's kitchen and discover a space inspired by her figurine collection that lines the top of her cabinets, featuring Care Bears, My Little Pony and Hello Kitty. Each cabinet has been painstakingly covered in multi-coloured washi tape and even her cloud covered dishwasher and fridge have received the "Mucciolo treatment."

The final room in the loft is the bedroom she shares with her husband, Salvatore Mucciolo, known as the Crystal Cave.

"If I had to describe my loft, I would say it's nature meets fantasy and I really tried to bring that to life in the crystal unicorn cave," Mucciolo said.

Inspired by crystal, marble and agate, the innovative blogger took a bedroom that had no natural light and transformed it into a mystical cave with an agate inspired mural that she handpainted above the bed.


 - Homed


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