Traditional screens are the latest must-have accessory

Brick Screen by Eileen Gray POA from Matisse,

Brick Screen by Eileen Gray POA from Matisse,

When it comes to furniture, versatility, it seems, is key. Which is what makes a screen so appealing, says co-owner of Domo Luxury Furniture Concepts Karen Robertson. "They offer privacy, boundaries and aesthetic elements, all without altering the structural components of a space."

A screen can create a room within a room, act as a movable wall, fill a corner, create privacy in a bathroom or bedroom, or simply serve as a decorative item. 

Use it to introduce colour and texture, Karen says, "but, as with art, you have to love it because you're going to interact with it every day."

Lighting will affect how a screen works in a room. Position a screen to help bounce and balance light rather than create a shadowy corner.

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Above: 3050 Screen by Arte Veneziana of Italy POA from Sarsfield Brooke, 
Above: Noosa three-panel screen $279 from Freedom Furniture, ​
Above: De Gournay hand-painted Coco Coromandel chinoiserie wallpaper on a folding screen POA from Baran de Bordeaux, 
Above: Moooi Paper Screen POA from ECC, 
Above: JX002 Ermitage Les Metiers Screen $4650 from Domo,
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