The Block do-overs: Some teams listen while others don't

Christchurch brothers Ling and Zing had a 'mare.

Christchurch brothers Ling and Zing had a 'mare.

The Block: Side x Side do-overs threatened to be a big yawn this week – the show even starts with a big yawn from the twins. Just as it does every week.

We're a bit over all those repetitive sleeping-in shots quite frankly. Bring on the rooms.

This week the four teams were in fix-up mode, trying to "make good" their worst room to date. But just in case they thought they were in for an easy ride, they discover they also need to finish the tall stairwell walls and spend a day on a charity project.

It's Stace and Yanita's turn to shine on The Block.

It's Stace and Yanita's turn to shine on The Block.

And it's the exhaustion that impacts on the makeovers. Yanita sums it up well: "You can't even dig deep when there's nothing to dig from."

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Yanita and Stace are fixing up their living room, removing the linen cupboard (yes, there was a linen cupboard in the lounge) and getting rid of a tacky homemade console. Other than that, it was really all about the way they arranged their furniture last week. 

They bring in a new sofa, rug and console, chuck out the mustard throw and rustic stuff, and "wow".

Stace and Yanita's living room before (top) and after.

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Judges Jason Bonham and Bernadette Morrison love it. It's a great improvement. Morrison is a even a little bit speechless, but rallies.

"It's not matchy-matchy. It's got beautiful texture and beautiful colour, and it looks like a lot of fun."

And Bonham says ergonomically the space is working a whole lot better and is much more cohesive. Morrison rightly points out the new grey corner sofa will be very practical for a family, and the study space within the former wardrobe makes a lot of sense.

So they get the top score, deservedly in our opinion.

Andy and Nate are also fixing up their living room. They decided to install LED strips in the timber walls, with squiggly lines. "Amazing. Really classy," says Andy. "There's plenty of flair (or should that be flare?) there."

But, it turns out to be a spot-the-difference moment.

Andy and Nate's living room before (top) and after.

If you look closely, they have changed to screen to create timber fins, and removed the black strips top and bottom. They also added a couple of little shelves to the plant stand, and a low pale-timber, wall-hung TV cabinet, which is much better than the "coffin" that was there before. "It now doesn't feel so commercial," says Morrison.

They also appear to have ditched the "classy" LED strips. But we would have to agree with Bonham who thinks it feels like three separate rooms within the large space. A little continuity wouldn't go amiss.

Andy and Nate swapped a 'coffin' for a smart, pale-timber TV cabinet.

Twins Julia an Ali are redoing their first bedroom, which they had made a boy's room and had a massive fail. So they give up trying to second guess boys and turn it into a guest room.

"My God, what a difference," says Bonham. "Even the colour of the gray is actually quite lovely. Very tranquil and very calm, and quite daring of them to use a dark colour again, which gives the room some moodiness and atmosphere."

Julia and Ali's boy's room (top) is transformed into a guest room.

The judges also like the custom light box. We agree with Bonham who says the bed linen is a bit boring – they could have put a little zing into it (that's zing with a small z). "It's all contrast to create layering to make a room more interesting," he says.

Morrison says it's a multifunctional room that could be used for any purpose, which will be great for potential buyers.

Meanwhile Ling and Zing try to finish all those jobs they didn't complete first-time round. Which spreads them a bit thin. They end up presenting the hallway and guest room as the do-over room.

But what did they do over in the guest room? Bonham is so blown away, he walks in and walks out again. "Nothing's changed. There's nothing to judge here. There's no makeover. They've just taken out the headboard."

Ling and Zing's guest room before (top) and after.

This team was more focused on fixing all the other unfinished bits, which could stand them in good stead on auction night. Clearly, they were never going to win this round, but they needed that time to put right a lot of other stuff.

But the judges didn't like the fact that the spaces were "still filthy" and that this team hadn't taken any feedback at all. Bonham gives them 0.5 points out of 10, the lowest score in Block history.

Ling says he's not worried what Bonham thinks, but his words say otherwise. "Good, we don't want you in our f...... house anyway, Jason. You can bugger off."

Swords are drawn.

The Block: Side x Side airs Monday - Wednesday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 7pm on Three

Join Ling and Zing for a Live Chat on Homed at 3.30pm Monday, August 14, when the boisterous brothers will be spilling their secrets.

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