New technology may share the laundry load

If the laundry is your angry place, maybe it's time to invite in the machines.

If the laundry is your angry place, maybe it's time to invite in the machines.

For those who resent laundry-related tasks, prepare to be comforted.

There are devices on the horizon that could change the way we wash, dry and fold our clothes forever.

It's domestic life but not as we know it.


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Conventional ways of doing laundry could be thing of the past.

Conventional ways of doing laundry could be thing of the past.



#foldimate Kuruyan çamaşırları katlayan bir makine olsa keske demiştim. Yapmışlar 😂 Bir de dolaplara yerleştirse 🤔 #internetanneleri

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An invention that feels more fresh out of an episode of The Jetsons than perhaps even the robot lawnmower, you can now say goodbye to the (easy?) task of folding.

If you have a 'floor-drobe' at your place, then Foldimate is the machine for you.

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Using a combination of sensor technology and robotic arms, the device will have the contents of your drawers sorted in no time.

Currently on pre-order, the family size machine which appears to be around the dimensions of a large dryer, will cost around $1500. An ultimately small price to pay in order to never fold a t-shirt again.

Don't put your socks in the machine though - small items can't be folded as are too complex for the machine's sensors.


Too lazy to venture anywhere near the washing machine? Enter - the Panasonic Nanoe X coat hanger.

The device uses negatively charged particles to blast the garment, removing the smell of wear.

Whilst the coat hanger can't remove stains, it can remove strong scents, such as sweat, alcohol, perfume or cigarettes.

This makes it the perfect solution for when you have to wear a dry cleanable garment, but have forgotten to wash it.

The only catch, is that the deodorising process takes 7-8 hours. So the coat hanger will really only come to the rescue if you remember what you need the night before.

This gadget is currently only available in the tech-worshipping, minimal work-life balance nation of Japan.


Meanwhile for those of us who don't have the time for steaming and ironing (and who really does?), there's now technology like the LG Styler Steam Closet.

This gadget is exactly what it sounds like. You hang your clothes in the closet, press a button, and the garments are shrouded in steam.

The upside of this total labour-saver is steaming removes unwanted smells, as well as wrinkles and is much gentler on clothes than ironing.

The magic closet also has the ability to sanitise and dry clothes, and you can also add fragrance sachets of your choice. 

Though this sounds like a future that most of us wouldn't mind, most of us realistically won't be having one anytime soon.

A steam closet will set you back in the realm of $4000.

 - Homed


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