Home ownership essentials: What you need to make your house feel like a home

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Home and family are what matters most to Kiwis and keeping them safe is a priority.

It may have something to do with DIY being part of the our nation's DNA, or it may be down to the fact that owning a little piece of paradise is part of the Kiwi dream, but either way, New Zealanders are a house-proud lot and not afraid to show where their heart is.

As highlighted in Stuff's recent 1 in 5 million project, at the time of the last Census half of New Zealanders owned their own home, but you don't need to have your name on the title to make where you live special.

With most of us assigning a considerable chunk of our income to the mortgage or rent, it can be stressful when we start asking ourselves the 'what if' questions. What if I get sick and can't pay the mortgage? What if I'm not here to provide for my family?

AA Life interviewed New Zealanders on the street and found that peace of mind helps calm those inner worries.

"Taking out life insurance tends to get bumped to the bottom of our to-do list, but once it's sorted, much of the stress of financial uncertainty can be alleviated", says Mark Savage, general manager AA Life and AA Health.

Television ratings and magazine circulation figures show that home renovation shows, and aspirational homes and gardens, take up a large chunk of our leisure time, whether we own or rent our place.

The most important feature of a Kiwi home is being able to share it with those we love.

The most important feature of a Kiwi home is being able to share it with those we love.

But as much as we want it to look good, the most important feature of where we live is that it's somewhere to call home, and share with those we love.

"Getting married, buying a house and starting a family are often good reasons to start thinking about life insurance, but these are also the times when we're most busy. You're never too young to consider having life insurance to cover the downside and benefit from the peace of mind such cover can give you," says Savage.

For more information on protecting your loved ones visit www.aalife.co.nz/1in5million.

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