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Why I regret burning my teen diaries

When I think of my teenage self now, I want to reach back through the years and give that poor, insecure girl a hug and ...

OPINION: I feel such grief over my misguided attempts to erase my childish self.

Why you should be kind, not nice

'When executed correctly, kindness can produce real personal evolution,' says Kristen Bell.

OPINION: It's good to be a nice person, but it's even better to be a kind one, says actress Kristen Bell.

I felt like a failure of a mother stuff nation

I am both mother and father, the provider and the nurturer.

No-one can prepare you for the difficulties of being a solo parent on a benefit. I used to judge, but now I know the truth.

Princes regret final call with Diana

The princes William and Harry remember their mother Princess Diana in a new documentary.

Prince William and Harry speak about the last conversation they had with their mother just before she died.

Keeping up with your social media self

Perpetually perky, Amie Richardson's Bitmoji self rides a paper aeroplane.

OPINION: As her digital self emotes immaculately through cyberspace, Amie Richardson takes a break from virtual life… in real life.

No such thing as half an abortion stuff nation

What was causing the lack of emotional connection? The desire for the whole situation to just disappear?

I desperately wanted a baby, my partner didn't. I struggle with the consequences of our decision every day.

22 essays on home and homelessness

Thom Conroy.

REVIEW: Collection looks at the ancient idea of 'home' in a range of new ways.

Kids say the cleverest things

This is not fake news: the moss in Antarctica is growing at an increasingly rapid rate.

You can learn a lot if you listen to earnest, eloquent and idealistic young people.

Orphan's life begins at 3

For the past 15 years, Vintiner has been a pupil of Wellington's Mudra Dance Company, a training centre for ...

For 18 years, Kiwi dancer told only her closest friends how she had been abandoned as a 3-year-old outside an Indian police station.

A stimulating look at America's poor

Author Nancy Isenberg,.

REVIEW: A close look at America's poor whites,aimed at breaking down the illusion that America is a classless society.

Is this beer sexist?

Aurosa beer claims to be the "first beer for her".

It comes in a pink bottle and is marketed as 'the first beer for her'.

Wizard fun & guerrilla grins

Want a cloak of invisibility, just like Harry Potter? Just wait until you're older, dear.

OPINION: Fiona Barber has developed a magical power – and she’s having lots of (mostly innocent) japes with it.

12 life skills men should have

When making a toast, keep it simple, keep it memorable.

From changing a car tyre to making a toast, here are 12 skills every gentleman would do well to master.

'Older men can't be too fussy'

It's time to face facts - you're not getting any younger.

SATIRE: You're not getting any younger, guys, so it's time to take care of yourself and stop being so picky.

Governor breaches royal protocol video

Canada's governor general David Johnston, helps Britain's Queen Elizabeth II down some slippery stairs in London, ...

Members of the public aren't supposed to touch the queen. Canada's governor says he had a good reason.

I fell in love with his flat

Sometimes you fall in love with his apartment before you fall in love with him.

OPINION: I liked the guy but I loved his apartment. And then he decided to move.

How bro culture hurts women

Women in the start-up world face an uphill battle thanks to the men who think they simply aren't trying hard enough.

OPINION: Women in the start-up world face an uphill battle thanks to men who think they just aren't trying hard enough.

6 regrets you don’t want as you age

You'll never regret standing up for what you believe in and are passionate about.

Avoid these six common regrets people most often have as they approach the end of their life.

Fish oil could prevent diabetes

Dr Ben Albert (pictured) led the research with Professor Wayne Cutfieldat the University of Auckland-based Liggins Institute.

But for now, pregnant women are cautioned against taking fish oil supplements

One trick to be a better man

Stop ordering UberEats or whipping up ready-made meals and learn to feed yourself and others properly, writes Phil Barker.

OPINION: There's just one thing you need to do to lose weight, save money, become pretty much irresistible to lady-people.

No, women don't deserve creepshots

The secretive nature of the creepshot also means women do not have the opportunity to confront perpetrators.

The secretive nature of the creepshot also means women do not have the opportunity to confront perpetrators.

Time capsule of extremely accurate predictions

A time capsule from the mid-90s has been discovered in an Australia home.

In 1995, he wrote about life in Australia and a future of "surfing" the net and Islamic holy war.

When living becomes merely existing

Nadine Higgins's grandmother Elsie Ross beat pneumonia at 96, despite refusing treatment.

OPINION: My grandmother has had a long and eventful life but now she is ready to "flick a switch and go", writes Nadine Higgins.

Who’s really cleaning up?

We don't pass judgment on men when they don't straighten up after themselves. Perhaps we should.

OPINION: Women are sugar and spice and gleaming surfaces, and men are nothing but dirty sheets and grubby bathrooms, right? Wrong.

So there's no God... maybe

Damien Grant: For reasons that escape me the wife enrolled our one child to a Christian daycare centre. She pays the ...

OPINION: Damien Grant puts his afterlife on the line pondering the existence of a supreme being.

Vital we remember the aged

Most of us will get old, and many of us won't have the benefits of financial security as we do now.

OPINION: The thing about youth is you grow out of it. Most of us will get old, and many of us won't have the benefits of financial security.

Our immigrant nation

New Kiwis come in all shapes, nationalities and colours.

Peter Thiel saga raises questions about our citizenship system. So who are our new Kiwis?

'I finally felt like one of the guys'

"I wanted control over something in my life, and this gave it to me. I finally felt like one of the guys."

A twisted version of masculinity can have devastating results: "when I did this to the girls, I felt like I was big."

Clementine Ford: The price I pay

Clementine Ford with her baby son: "He is the cost too."

OPINION: I have been told that I am a child abuser, that I am the reason my son will kill himself one day.

Why I am still playing Pokemon Go

I have no prior history of gaming. And yet, I've been playing Pokemon Go almost daily for a year.

OPINION: I've kept playing Pokemon Go long after the nerdiest nerds have stopped.

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