Are you dating a psychopath?

Things may start out great, but keep an eye out for certain danger signs.

10:16 AM  The relationship might start out great but keep an eye out for these 14 danger signs.

The WoF test for relationships

Does your relationship need a tweak or an overhaul?

Are you in a fit and healthy relationship? Here are seven questions to consider.

The problem with lauding 'normal' girls

Ben Affleck with "regular girl" Lindsay Shookus in New York.

Ben Affleck's new girlfriend isn't Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez or Gwyneth Paltrow. That doesn't make her "normal".

No, men aren't always up for it

Despite common belief, men aren't always up for sex.

OPINION: The idea that men think about nothing but sex is a myth, says Lee Suckling.

How do I teach my kid about sex?

Young children are much more open to talking about sex than teenagers.

Q&A: "I'm starting to feel anxious about how to raise our children without the hang-ups we had."

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