Men are using Snapchat's gender swap filter to experience being a woman on Tinder

The gender-swap filter is giving men a taste of their own medicine.
The gender-swap filter is giving men a taste of their own medicine.

A gender-swap filter on Snapchat is giving men a chance to see what it's like to be a heterosexual woman on Tinder.

The filter adds a square jaw and facial hair to women, and gives men's faces finer features and long hair. 

Men have used these pictures to create fake online dating profiles, sharing their experiences on social media.

Most reported feeling angry or uncomfortable about the unsolicited and personal messages they received. 

One bluntly tweeted, "Used the Snapchat filter on Tinder for 30 minutes, and in conclusion, I hate men."

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The screenshot he shared alongside his fake Tinder profile showed four messages reading some version of "Hey," and one which simply read, "You're very pretty."

San Francisco resident Tyler was even more shocked by the messages, saying he feels for "women everywhere, if this is what your inboxs actually look like."

Tyler's tweet was accompanied by pages of messages ranging from "Hey there beautiful" to pick up lines opening with, "What stands you out from the ordinary?" and "They say it would be easier to win the lottery than to win a girls [sic] heart...".

London woman, Han, found the catfishing completely unbelievable, saying the filter doesn't even look like a real person. 

"My brother's using the Snapchat filter to catfish guys on Tinder ... How do these men think that is a real woman's face?," she said.

Jordan from Derby in the UK was surprised to be offered international travel right off the bat.

"Posing on Tinder using the girl snapchat filter and already been offered to travel around the US with someone," he said, alongside a message that read "So what's your go to car music? If we're going to drive across America we need to get things like this sorted out!"