The best time to have sex, work out and a glass of wine revealed

Early morning snuggles are better for your health, according to this research.

Early morning snuggles are better for your health, according to this research.

If spontaneity doesn't work for you, new research has pinpointed the optimal time to get cosy under the sheets.

A survey by Forza Supplements taken from 1000 participants discovered that 7:30am was the ideal time for sex, or 45 minutes after waking up.

Sex was a great kick-start to the day because energy levels were at their highest (if you have a decent sleep) and a good romp sets off endorphins in the body - making us feel good throughout the day.

Make sure you don't go over time, though!
Jessica Hromas/Phil Carrick

Make sure you don't go over time, though!

Both sexes had more energy in the morning because they were well rested and refreshed.

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So what are you supposed to do in the timeframe?

The study set out to find the optimal lifestyle. During those 45 minutes it was suggested to get up at 6:45am, go for a run at 7am, eat breakfast at 7:15am and then get freaky with your loved one at 7:30am.

Male testosterone levels peaked in the morning, meaning they lasted longer in bed, the survey stated.

Research also showed that we reached our mental peak around three hours after waking, so the best time for work was 9:45am.

Because your concentration, memory, focus and creativity was working at its peak, it would be wise to use this time to do those tasks that needed a little more brain power.

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Other important times to note were the optimal time to have a glass of wine and the best time to sleep (in order to get in those optimal hours before the 7:30am treat).

Wine o'clock was best served up at 6:10pm leaving enough time for your liver to recover from alcohol consumption before sleep - it needs four hours.

And after a long, productive day, 10:10pm was the ideal time to go to bed.

That allowed for 20 minutes to get to sleep and then 90 minutes for the most restorative non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which was best achieved before midnight, the study read.

The 12-point optimal life plan, as suggest by Forza

* 6.45am Wake-up: ideally after between seven and nine hours of sleep. You need more sleep up to the age of 18, but it is myth that we need less sleep as we get older.

* 7am Go for a run: research shows that doing cardio-exercise in a fasted state leads to a small increase in the amount of fat being burned. That is because blood sugar, insulin and glycogen levels are all lower than normal after an overnight fast.

* 7.15am Breakfast: around 30 minutes after waking. 84 per cent of respondents in the Forza study said that sticking to defined meal times was the best way to lose weight.

* 7.30am Sex: ideally around 45 minutes after waking to allow you to be completely refreshed (and clean your teeth!). 

* 9.45am Work: research shows we reach our mental peak around three hours after waking. 

* 10.45am Relax: this is when our stress levels are at their highest, particularly early on in the week when to-do lists tend to be biggest.

* 12.15pm Lunch: this should be four hours after eating breakfast. Three-quarters of those surveyed (75 per cent) found they benefited from never skipping a midday meal.

* 3.30pm Show willpower: this is Snack O'Clock, when our willpower is at its weakest. Four out of ten respondents (39 per cent) said that mid-afternoon was when they were most likely to break a diet.

* 6pm Dinner: but don't pig out even if you have been watching your calories all day. The vast majority of dieters  (72 per cent) said the key to successful weight loss was not to exceed your lunch-time calorie count at dinner - so you have even calorie intake throughout the day.

* 6.15pm Have a drink: this is known as Wine O'Clock when we unwind after a long day at work. Don't leave it too late because your body needs at least four hours for your liver to recover from alcohol consumption before sleep.

* 6.30pm Do weights: most studies find that strength is at a low point in the morning and gradually climbs until it tops in the early evening. The Forza research found that if training involved a lot of strength or power-based exercise, performance in the gym was best after work in the early evening.

* 10.10pm Go to bed: this allows us 20 minutes to get to sleep.

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