Sex mis-education uber

Sex mis-education

Chrystal Chenery's advice on sex stuff nation

Chrystal Chenery says she questions people's intelligence when they sit behind a keyboard, sending nasty messages to ...

Girls ask where have all the good men gone? You are ruining them by giving them what they want: no strings attached sex, Chrystal Chenery writes.

Let's talk about sex stuff nation

New Zealand actor Teuila Blakely talks about sex.

OPINION: When it comes to sex, honesty is the best policy, writes Teuila Blakely.

'Wanting and enjoying sex isn't a bad thing'

Condoms are definitely important, but they're not the whole story when it comes to sex.

OPINION: Sex education facts are important, but we need to teach healthy relationships.

How I figured out sex stuff nation

"The way we talk about sex, both in schools and as a culture, is incredibly heteronormative. Having sex is putting a ...

"I learnt most of what I knew about actually having sex from looking up sex positions in Cosmopolitan."

Confessions of a teenage boy

For one 17-year-old school student, his parents have been more valuable teaching him about sex and relationships than ...

"The biggest a...holes to girls seem to be the richest ... And the dickheads follow each other like sheep."

How to talk about sex

Don't brush off your children's questions when they ask about sex, or else they might stop asking you.

Tips for parents and kids on navigating the evolving world of sex and relationships.

Teenage 'sexpert' truths

We chatted with a panel of teenagers to get their take on sex and relationships, and what they wish they had been taught.

Want to know what kids really think about sex? Read this text message chat.

Ditch the end-of-the-bed sex talk

Sexuality education in schools is only one small part of the answer when it comes to teaching young people about sex and ...

It's better to teach kids about sex over a long period of time ... and don't leave out the fun bits.

More porn, less sex video

While there's little that can be done to prevent young people from seeing porn online, a lot comes down to the ...

Kids' attitudes to sex are coloured by an environment awash with online pornography.

Our sexual revolution

The 2013 Roast Busters scandal prompted protests around the country, such as this Auckland march against rape culture.

Once upon a time, the oral contraceptive pill was only allowed for married women.

Problems with porn

Young consumers of porn have never had to worry about sneaking magazines down the back of the couch or visiting porn shops.

How widespread is porn and what can we do about it?

Take sex advice from old people stuff nation

Michele A'Court tells it how it is: "You'd be way better taking sex advice from actual people. Especially older people. ...

"We don't need to discuss the mechanics of sex ... What we really need to talk about is the feels."

Let's talk about sex

A nurse at a student health centre says despite being generally bright, some university students make "bloody thick" ...

As a nurse at a university health centre, Susan has learnt not to judge the students who appear in her office.

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