30 things you could do with $30 million

$30 million is up for grabs. Just imagine...
$30 million is up for grabs. Just imagine...

Thirty million dollars – that's a lot of money. If you play hard and fast, that's one million for each day of a month. Or, used wisely, $30 million could keep you going for your entire life.

The options are endless; getaways, lifetime ice-cream supplies and private jets.

On Saturday night, Lotto could give one New Zealander $30,000,000. For that lucky Kiwi, the pressure, the options and the wealth may just be too much to handle. So, out of the kindness of our newsroom heart - and in the hope of payback - we have created a list of 30 excellent ways to spend 30 million dollars.

By doing nothing, you could make $90,000 a month.
By doing nothing, you could make $90,000 a month.

1. Put it in the bank

This seems incredibly dull. But for doing literally nothing, a KiwiBank spokesperson said you could make $90,000 a month by leaving your millions in the bank.

2. Live on a cruise ship

Live with no worries, on a cruise for your whole life...
Live with no worries, on a cruise for your whole life...

For $30 million, you could feasibly spend the rest of your life sailing the world. One woman who's doing just that, said it cost her around $633 a day. With her figures, your $30 million could buy 124 years on a cruise ship.

3. Buy the moon

The internet is a strange place. Lunarland.com, who claimed to be Earth's "oldest, most recognised celestial real estate agency," sell land, on the moon, by the acre.

Yup, someone on the internet is offering to sell pieces of the moon.
Olivia Messenger
Yup, someone on the internet is offering to sell pieces of the moon.

The moon-estate agency would sell you 1,000,000 acres worth of "lunar land," for only $30 million.

4. Sixty millennia worth of ice cream

Assuming you consume, on average, one tub of Kapiti ice-cream each week, you could buy 60,000 years' worth of ice-cream.

With $30 million, you'll never need to worry about running out of ice-cream again.
With $30 million, you'll never need to worry about running out of ice-cream again.

Based on current ice-cream prices, $30 million would purchase more than sixty millennia worth of New Zealand's own, Kapiti ice-cream.

5. Dan Carter

If you're not an ice cream fan, you could also hire Dan Carter. Unfortunately, Carter is slightly more mortal and more expensive than ice cream. Nevertheless, for $30 million he's all yours for just over a decade.

Have you ever wanted your own All Black?
Have you ever wanted your own All Black?

6. Fun X 100

Pay for Fun (the band) to play that "We Are Young" song for you 100 times. Sure, you could pay to see a different band for more money. But, you could also pay to hear that "We Are Young" song 100 times.

7. Flag referendum +

Hold another flag referendum, with some change left over for ad campaign to push for your preferred flag.

8. Taylor Swift's apartment

Swift paid Peter Jackson $30.3 million for his New York apartment. If you bought it, she wouldn't even need to find a new home. The pop star owns at least one other home in Nashville, Tennessee.

9. Have your enemies killed

It would be relatively cheap. You could make many, many enemies "disappear".

Data from the Australian Institute of Criminology showed that a hitman could be hired from as low as $4.5 thousand. However, a quality hitman could cost $45,000. Either way, that's chump change for a psychopathic, vengeful millionaire. (Stuff is not advising you have your enemies killed).

10. Buy Apple

One issue with being a thirty-millionaire is that you're not exceptionally rich compared to the mega-millionaires and billionaires behind Apple. You can buy a very miniscule, tiny amount of the techno-empire known as Apple - 0.004% to be exact.

Coldplay's Chris Martin would be incredibly confused... PHOTO: GETTY

11. Make things awkward for Coldplay

Imagine it now; the British band would arrive at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium. Their A Head Full Of Dreams Tour would have been playing to roaring crowds across the globe.

But when they got to Auckland, it would be only you. $30 million and you could purchase every single ticket in that stadium.


12. You should probably get a private jet

At the end of the day, you're not really a millionaire unless you can flaunt your wealth with your own jet.

Small planes can come as cheap as a few hundred thousand. This Falcon 7X jet would only set you back around $25 - $39 million.

13. Attempt to change New Zealand politics

Fund your own political party. Kim Dotcom did it, but with only $3.5 million. His attempts got him 1.42 per cent of the vote, perhaps you could manage 12.1 per cent - your own respectable small party!

Phar Lap and his handler Tommy Woodcock were visited by dignitaries including ex-Prime Minister Gordon Coates at Trentham. PHOTO: THE EVENING POST

14. Buy a dead horse

According to a Te Papa spokeswoman, our national museum holds a lot of very expensive art. Their most valuable piece, Colin MaChaon's Practical Religion is worth $7 million. 

But, why not try to buy Phar Lap's skeleton from the museum? The greatest piece of racing memorabilia was worth $6 million the last time it was valued.

15. Imagine owning a 62-bedroom, central Auckland, property

With the right investments and a little bit of favourable price negotiation, you could purchase an island.

An "Auckland Central" island has been on the market for a few years now. The sellers were asking for $40 million to purchase 1 Pakatoa Island.

The island has 62 bedrooms, a jetty, a golf course and 62 bathrooms.


16. Host your own Grammys

This party would go down in history. For $30 million you could actually hire an array of famous musicians to come and party with you.

Stars as big as Taylor Swift can be reportedly hired for private performances for a few millon. In 2014, NZME said artists such as Lorde and Lady Gaga would perform for under one million dollars.

17. Pay for pensions

Pay off 0.0023% of annual superannuation bill. Your government thanks you!

18. Multiple pairs, of the same expensive shoes

These Bicion sneakers were selling for $5.8 million a pair, in March. 

Unfortunately, the designer only planned to produce one pair of these diamond encrusted sneakers. But if you threw a few extra million their way, I'm sure they could make an exception.

19. Houses for Aucklanders

With an average asking price of $888,493, you could home 33 Auckland families.

20. Five luxurious Lamborghinis

Lamborghini's Veneno Roadster was branded as exclusive and "intense."

Only nine cars were made in 2014. They sold for around $5.45 million each. You could own five of the nine Venenos.

21. Pay for your own bank CEO

With an annual salary of around $5 million, you could donate to ANZ so they can continue to pay their CEO for another six years.

22. Buying this beach would have been easy

New Zealand paid around $2,600,000 for an inlet in New Zealand.

In February, the Awaroa inlet was being sold. Kiwis pledged $2,278,171.09 to buy the inlet, while the Government paid $350,000 as well.

However, with 30 million dollars, you could have just bought it yourself.

23. Give money to children living in poverty

Statistics from the Children's Commission show that around 260,000 children are living in poverty in New Zealand.

Divided equally, you could give each child $115.38.

24. Buy 400 very expensive headphones

The Sennheiser Orpheus headphones sell at $75,000 each.

Each year the company produce no more than 250 of the headphones. They come with their own table, with headphone case attached. 

The Orpheus  headphones play a greater range of sound than the human ear can comprehend. Listening through your iPhone is not recommended.

25. Buy this fascinating boat

In March, Wellingtonians were asking: "who's in that boat?"

A billionaire had sailed his luxury yacht into Wellington harbour. We did some digging and found out that the boat could be purchased for around $30 million.


26. Two Auckland penthouses

A new Queen Street development is offering "the crown jewel" of Auckland for $8,790,000.

For that price, you could own a couple of these central Auckland penthouses.

27. Buy a 49,000 year subscription to the newspaper

For only 30 million dollars you can have a selection of great news, interviews and articles delivered straight to your door, everyday of the week for the next 49,000 years... A great investment!

28. 1241 tonnes of jaffas

With $30 million, the possibilities are endless. One great idea: buy 6,896,551 bags of jaffas. 

With that many jaffas, you'd be able to crush an A380 plane. A fully loaded A380 weighs around 580 tonnes, however $30 million worth of jaffas weighs double that.

29. Travel in "the residence"

Ethihad Airways' better than business, "residence" class, includes a private bathroom, exclusive cabin and "bespoke experience."

It only costs around $50,000 to fly between London and Melbourne. You could make the return journey 300 times.

30. Just keep living

Eventually, you'll probably grow tiered of all these luxuries. You'll definitely get sick of living in a flying Ethihad house called "the residence," and who really wants to throw star studded parties, with Fun singing "We are Young" 100 times? Those ridiculously awesome headphones, who needs them? Yeah, happiness - money definitely can't buy that...