Kiwi mums' own take on Beyonce's first photo of babies Rumi and Sir Carter

Beyonce posted this image to introduce her one-month old twins Sir and Rumi to the world.

Beyonce posted this image to introduce her one-month old twins Sir and Rumi to the world.

Mums of multiples around New Zealand have congratulated Beyonce on the birth of her twins in their own unique way- replicating the first Instagram of the famous mum and her newborns.

However, unlike Beyonce's glamorous shot of her posing on a throne of flowers, wearing a flowing purple robe and a veil of turquoise gauze, these shots portray a more realistic side of being a parent of twins.

Wellington mum Zita Watson, 27, started the thread on the Multiples NZ Facebook on Saturday afternoon, posting a photo of herself holding twins Oscar and Lauren, who are 15-months-old.

"Let's do this, twin mamas! Y'all know we look better than Beyonce," she said.

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Her five-year-old daughter Scarlett took the photo of Watson, who unlike Beyonce is dressed in blue jeans, a knitted top and is holding a pink blanket with flowers on it.

Twin mum Zita Watson started the post on the NZ Multiples Facebook page with this shot of her and twins Oscar and Lauren, 15 months. The photo was taken by her daughter Scarlett, 5.

Both her children aren't looking very co-operative in the photo.

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Jean Hilton from Okuku and her twins Rosalie and Kieran, 8, really channelled Beyonce for this shot.

Within a few hours multiple mums from all around the country had joined her with their own versions of Beyonce's Instagram post.

"While I think Beyonce and her twins are gorgeous, the picture is so far removed from what life with twin babies is really like," she said when commenting on the popularity of her post.

"I wanted to do my own version of the shot and challenge other twin mamas to do the same because I wanted to create some lighthearted fun to show the more real, less glamorous side of raising twins."

To re-create the shot she popped her First Communion veil and "grabbed my grumpy, grubby babies and my big girls bright blanket and asked her to take a picture".

Gabby Addington and her twins Molly and Max, 3, do their own Queen-bee pose.

Gabby Addington soon followed suit with her twins Molly and Max, 3, who were equally not as enthused to be in the shot.

Beyonce posted the photo on Sir and Rumi Carter's one-month birthday.

"When our two were one-month-old it was a whirlwind of crying, boobs, bottles and nappies there was no time for elaborate photo shoots and if there was I would most likely have been covered in regurgitated milk , or worse," Addington said.

North Shore mum Stacey Sampson, whose twins Nate and Harper, 2, did actually look happy to be in their shot said she posted her photo in support of Watson.

"What a fun way to celebrate real twin mummas out there while also taking the mickey out of the enormous pressure portrayed by media, brands and celebrities for mothers to look a certain way and to be so put together and glamorous post-natal."

She said she was happy to be a part of breaking moulds and stereotypes.

Auckland mum Stacey Sampson and her twins Nate and Harper, 2, also took to Facebook to show how fierce they are.

"All mothers are beautiful."

Multiples NZ spokeswoman Ainslee Jacobson said she loved the posts from Kiwi mums and the organisation wanted to congratulate Beyonce and Jay-Z on the birth of their twins

"We wish them all the best as they start their journey with multiples and we trust they will have support in place to help them navigate the path," she said.

"Here in New Zealand, we have a fantastic network of regional clubs ready to provide that support to families with twins, triplets and more."

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