How food saved Sarah Tuck video

Sarah Tuck shot all the recipes in Coming Unstuck at her home studio, next to her kitchen.

Her sons left home, and then her husband. Sarah Tuck reached an all time low.

A century apart

Edith Bramald celebrated her 100th birthday on Wednesday September 6, a few weeks after the birth of ...

Edith Bramald and Amber Nicole Bevins are 100 years and five generations apart.

Teaching kids financial sense early

Riley uses Clever Kash, a digital money box from ASB in the shape of an elephant. He can see exactly how much he has ...

Starting early will help your children get ahead financially.

NZ's youngest chicken farmer? gallery video

Nugget the chicken gets a cuddle from owner Ayvah Knight-Mackel, 3, who spends hours every day caring for her feathered ...

Three-year-old Ayvah would likely give up her sisters before her chickens, according to her mum.

Father's struggle for shared custody

A Blenheim father has spoken out about his heartbreak of only seeing his children every other weekend. (File photo)

It will be another 11 days before this father-of-two sees his children again, and he is already counting the minutes.

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