Kiwi mums share philosophy on friendship and enjoying life


Kiwi mums Tracey and Sarah say friendship and helping each other out is what life is all about.

As part of sharing the good stuff, these Kiwi mums share their philosophy on friendship and enjoying their lives.

Tracey has a young son Ryan who she dresses and feeds each morning in order to get out the door by 7am. Chaos is part of the norm!

"Having a good breakfast - keeps you going, especially when you're running after a toddler," says Tracey.

Sarah and her daughter Lexi are regular visitors to Tracey's and they cite their friendship and supporting each other as the key to having a good life.

"Be kind to yourself," says Tracey. "You have to be able to let go a little bit."

In a world where 'super mum' and 'perfect' can be the expectation, these mums say friendship and helping each other out are what it's all about.

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