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Disney's marvellous run continues

Big Hero 6 is 90 minutes of slick, only slightly scary for littlies, smart school holiday entertainment.

Meet the voice behind Peppa Pig

The voice behind Peppa Pig belongs to 13-year-old Harley Bird.

Why our family went TV-free

Could your family go television-free? Here, one mum explains why she was the most unlikely to take on such a challenge, but now that she has, she's never looked back.

Festive films

Is it really Christmas if you haven't hunkered down in front of your favourite seasonal movie? Like the Muppets taking on Dickens, or George Bailey seeing life anew.

Have courage, be skinny?

Disney tried to spread some magic about its latest movie, Cinderella, but instead it managed to get everyone talking about Cinderella's waist.