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Capturing first rays of birthdays video

Thomas Britton and Caitlin Sankey share a sunrise.

Giving the perfect gift for a newborn has an Auckland couple waking up before the sun each day.

Sister 'steals' baby name - twice

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but that doesn't apply to baby names.

She was willing to let it slide when it happened once. But twice?

Ivanka reveals depression struggles video

Ivanka Trump says the periods after her children's births were "very challenging, emotional" times.

US president's daughter and adviser opens up on difficulties after her children's births.

Pregnant? Eat salmon

Freshly cooked salmon carries a low risk of mercury contamination, and is fine to eat when pregnant, Massey researchers say.

Shunning fish during pregnancy for fears of toxicity has meant women are lacking in nutrients essential for a growing fetus.

Mum's struggle with 'skeletal' son

Fin and Lucy Currie battled his anorexia for two years.

A mum's battle to get help for her anorexic son.

Telling the boss you're pregnant

Pregnancy can be challenging, but telling the boss early on can ease the pressure.

Telling the boss you are pregnant can be a tricky conversation for women, a human resources expert says.

'Plus size' clothes for kids

Next says it's new ranges acknowledge 'children come in all different shapes and sizes'.

UK store Next is offering a new range of children's sizes, including "plus fit" clothes for kids as young as 3.

Endangered baby names

Booooo! My parents called me Clive.

If you have named your baby Frank or Bonnie this year, you are a trailblazer.

Pillow fort threat reversed

Kyan Hatcher was issued a trespass order from The Warehouse after he was filmed on camera building a pillow fort.

The Warehouse reverses its decision to ban boy, 12, for making a pillow fort in store after mum's outcry.

It's NZ's Pokemon Go video

The main characters from the Curious Critters Club, a new augmented reality game focused on New Zealand stories.

A new augmented reality game encourages children to uncover mythical creatures and New Zealand legends.

You're still a mother after miscarriage

Zoe Clark-Coates has lost five babies, and set up a trust to help others cope with their own loss.

"Everyone said to me 'at least you can get pregnant,' but all I could think was 'what's the point if you can't stay pregnant?'"

Flu mum in coma, unaware of birth

Sarah Hawthorn, 33, was an otherwise healthy and fit woman when she was struck down by the influenza epidemic sweeping ...

An Australian woman who should be cuddling her new baby is fighting for her life.

How food saved Sarah Tuck video

Sarah Tuck shot all the recipes in Coming Unstuck at her home studio, next to her kitchen.

Her sons left home, and then her husband. Sarah Tuck reached an all time low.

1 in 5 grandparents hate bub's name

Of course they love their grandchild. But do they like his/her name?

Think your parents love the name you picked for your baby? A new survey suggests otherwise.

Mum enraged by school's raffle request

"This is apparently what teenage girls should be interested in: looking f-ing good and taking selfies," wrote concerned ...

An Auckland mum says a school's request for "teenage girl" raffle prizes sends the wrong message.

'Shock' heart condition for baby Evie video

Jennifer Taylor and her 11-month-old daughter Evie.

‚ÄčAt Jennifer Taylor's 20-week pregnancy scan, she received news no parent ever wants to hear.

Why Cheryl Cole ditched makeup

Cheryl Cole says she didn't have time to glam up like this after becoming a mum.

The new mum admits "when you're taking care of a baby 24/7, it's just not practical".

Tactics against cyberbullying are failing

Traditional anti-bullying methods aren't working, and experts are stumped.

Traditional anti-bullying methods on cyberbullying haven't worked, and experts are stumped.

Brendan Cole expecting a baby

Kiwi ballroom dancer Brendan Cole appears on the BBC TV show, Strictly Come Dancing.

The Strictly Come Dancing star is expecting a second baby with his model wife Zoe.

George Clooney cries 'four times a day'

George Clooney admits he cries more than his baby twins do.

The new dad says he cries more than his twin babies Ella and Alex.

Kids offer tips to politicians: 'run fast' video

Alex Seachild, 5, says New Zealand needs a leader who will help with the rubbish problem.

They may not be of voting age just yet, but these children have some tips for the new 'ruler' of New Zealand

Aunty baffled by toddler gift list

Is it reasonable to expect people to buy gifts from a list - for a two-year-old?

Woman questions stringent present requests for 2-year-old after family tells her "not to bother" buying a gift not on their list.

Never, ever, judge another parent stuff nation

Being a mum is tough enough without the advice and judgment of well-meaning friends and family.

Before you roll your eyes at a parent struggling to deal with a public toddler meltdown, remember: One day, it will be you.

Serena Williams' baby has Instagram

Serena Williams' baby girl is already an Instagram star.

She's only a few weeks old and has two photos on her account, but she's probably got more followers than you.

3 mums who chose abortions

Some mothers choose to terminate a pregnancy because 'their relationships are breaking down, they've already completed ...

Three women open up about their reasons for choosing to end a pregnancy.

Dick Frizzell's all-new Buzzy Bee

Artist Dick Frizzel has released his own toy to take on the renowned Buzzy Bee.

Prince William played with the original Buzzy Bee: now Frizzell hopes the new Royal baby will love his KiWi KiWi.

Mental health checks for preschool kids

George Black, of Epsom, uses a smart phone which allows parents to engage with children experiencing conditions such as ADHD.

Close to 6000 children under the age of 11 were seen by mental health services in 2016. Are we doing enough to support them?

'Nappy rash' to cancer

Blake Darragh at 11 months old, in an induced coma.

An Australian mum thought her baby had a bad case of nappy rash. The truth was so much worse.

Birth 'sped up' for footy match

Clementine and Jarrad McVeigh welcomed their third daughter on Tuesday. Sadly, their first-born girl died of a heart ...

What's an AFL star to do when his baby's due on the day of a big game? Ask his understanding wife to help nature along.

Mum refuses daycare with fat staff

Hilary Freeman has written of the "unease" she felt watching an overweight teacher playing with her two-year-old ...

A British mum has ignited an online storm after rejecting a daycare centre because it had overweight staff.

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