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For a year, Greer Berry (aka Greer McDonald) blogged about her journey up the aisle. Now newly wed, she continues to share tips, tricks and thoughts on all things wedding-related.

This is our last goodbye

09:30am 18 Oct 2013

Last night I counted and I have 49 half-finished or barely-started-except-for-the-headline-topic-and-a-couple-of-lines blog topics in the system. 

And as I write this, another very worthy wedding woe just landed in my inbox.

They're all great topics; in need of discussion, interaction and debate. 

Which wedding shoes should you choose? Does your wedding need a reception? Can you make bridesmaids pay for alterations to their dresses?

Reshooting wedding photos, dealing with wedding planners and practising the first kiss.

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Wedding woe: Dumping our bridal party

09:00am 11 Oct 2013

Here's today's wedding woe and it's one I've come across "in real life" as well so maybe some of you out there in blog land may have come across it too.

Hi Greer,

I have a question for you, I have asked for three people to be my bridesmaids about five months ago, these are my best friends but in the last few months we have been grown apart and not seeing each other much or talking.

We have now decided to have a smaller wedding with only one each. I'm wondering how exactly do I explain to these two that we are wanting our brother and sister for our bridal party, please help! Bridesmaids

From stuck x

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Wedding woe - Our MCs said no

08:30am 03 Oct 2013

Hi Greer,

I've been an avid follower of your wedding blog since it started - your blogs and people's comments have given me so much good advice, great ideas and things to ponder.

But now I've got my own wedding woe, which happened to me this morning: the two family members we had asked to be our MC team, i.e. perform as MCs together, both declined! We knew they might be a bit nervous, but we figured that asking them to do the job together, since they get on really well, would alleviate that and they'd say "yes"! MC

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Avoiding altar-cations

01:30pm 23 Sep 2013

Squirm-ville, Oklahoma!

If you've been looking around wedding-related sites in the past few days, you probably came across this video where the wedding officiant stops the ceremony to tell the photographers to move (um, that's putting it nicely).

When I saw this last week, I squirmed in my seat.

The expression on the couple's faces really sums this situation up and that can also probably be done in one word: awkward.

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Ouch! When weddings bite

10:30am 16 Sep 2013

So there we were. It was the rehearsal of our big day, just less than 24 hours out from when we'd be doing it for real.

The groomsmen had beers in hand, the bridesmaids looked flustered after hearing me nag on at them, pointing, telling them where to be, waving my arms telling someone - anyone - to turn the music up so we could practise my grand entrance to a favourite song. Toe

"Maybe we should try it this time in our heels?" one of my bridesmaids suggested.

Yep. Yes, great idea. Right-o, toddle off and get your shoes.

It was hot and the girls scampered off to swap out their jandals and sandals for their heels.

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