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For a year, Greer Berry (aka Greer McDonald) blogged about her journey up the aisle. Now newly wed, she continues to share tips, tricks and thoughts on all things wedding-related.

Here comes the anniversary

08:30am 10 Sep 2013

Where the eff has this year gone?

Honestly. Is it just me or has 2013 just zipped by?

People have asked how the first year of marriage has been and I tend to blink a few times before holding myself back from saying "We only got married a couple of weeks ago!"

But no, as the end of the year nears, our first wedding anniversary looms and talk has already started of how we should commemorate this special day - again. I swear we're still recovering from the party that was our wedding!

It's exciting - I'm looking forward to another excuse to raise a glass to toast to the year that has been and the years ahead. But I'll admit there is a teeny bit of concern as to how exactly to do this.

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Wedding woe: 'I do' round two

08:00am 05 Sep 2013

Hi Greer, Recently my partner of nearly 12 months and I became engaged (he wanted to make an honest woman of me - lol!).

We have both been married before, approximately 20 years ago, and both had huge church weddings.

This time around we are both sure of wanting to do something much smaller and intimate, with only close family and friends. 

What I would like is some ideas for second weddings.

I don't want to do the "big white dress" thing, and how can we include our children in the (not so) big day?

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Why you should sell your wedding dress

12:00pm 28 Aug 2013

The other day my phone rang and on the other end was a blog reader.

"Hi Greer, I'm Megan and I'm one of your blog readers!" she excitedly exclaimed.

I went into my usual stunned mullet instant-awkward-shock where I never quite know what to say. (I LOVE that people read this blog, but I really do operate in a bit of a bubble where I believe only people I know in real life actually read this... anyway...)

Thankfully, Megan had a few things she wanted to talk about so she started chatting away and we happily nattered for a while about, well, weddings of course.

She told me about this new venture she's setting up called Weddington. The basic premise is that there are a huge bunch of people wanting to sell wedding dresses, quite a few potential buyers, but the internet is not proving to be the be-all and end-all, with many missing that little step in the middle of the process - the all-important try on! Dress

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Wedding woe: Mum's getting married

08:45am 22 Aug 2013

Hey Greer,

Firstly, I love your blog!

My Mum has recently become engaged to her partner of a few years and after a few Google searches, I've struggled to find websites with helpful tips or ideas from an adult daughter's point of view when their parent weds - e.g. I would love to find a song, poem, or even just ideas of ways I can help her celebrate, or give some sort of tangible or intangible gift to my Mum and new groom. Mum

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I'm now a celebrant!

10:40am 15 Aug 2013

Exciting news! No, I'm not pregnant (and if one more person asks, I'm likely to fly-kick them in the head. I'll leave the baby-making up to my fellow blogger Moata for the time being thankyouverymuch).

Anyhoo, back to me.

Remember a while ago I applied to become a celebrant? And then I had a big Ranty-McRantsville about not getting past the first stage?

Well, I received a lot of feedback about that and also spent time reviewing my application.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and when I looked at my application, it was nowhere near up to scratch.

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