Stuff's wedding of the week: Helen and Matt

Helen, Matt and Pippa.

Helen, Matt and Pippa.

They went from flatmates, to friends and finally fell in love. 

For Matt and Helen, the highlight of the day was their adorable toddler Pippa being there to watch her mum and dad tie the knot.

Despite the unpredictable weather and a cyclone threat, the sun came out through the clouds just in time for the ceremony and their beach side wedding went off without a hitch.

Helen and her bridesmaids.

Helen and her bridesmaids.

After dancing until dawn, the newlyweds headed to the Bay of Islands for a low key, blissed-out honeymoon.

We'll let Helen fill you in on the details.

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How did you meet? Matt and I were flatmates in London, when we were both on our OEs. We were always just friends but reconnected years later back in New Zealand, and the rest is history.

Tell us about the proposal: It was Christmas morning and we were driving to my parents house in Red Beach for brunch. Our truck was packed with all of our stuff for our summer holiday, including the cat!

Halfway through the drive, Matt pulled over and suggested we get out of the car for a little rest on the bank. I got out and turned around to see him bent over proposing, while slipping right down the hill! All I could do was giggle.

A few of the brides favorite things.

A few of the brides favorite things.

It was a really beautiful place to get engaged, and a wonderful way to start the day's celebrations. 

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Location of the wedding: We got married at a property on a beach in Mahinepua, Northland. Matt's family own another bach up there, where they've spent holidays since he was little.

It's a really special place for him, and most of his family have their weddings their too. It was great because all our friends and family could stay in houses down by the beach, and we organised buses to the venue for everyone. 

The reception was held in white marquee's by the beach.

The reception was held in white marquee's by the beach.

Describe your wedding day: It was a real mixed bag of emotions. We got married in March, and a few weeks before our wedding the worst storm in a century hit Mahinepua, so the lead up to the day was really stressful.

When we woke up on the morning of our wedding, there was light drizzle but I could see the sun ever-so-slightly peeking through the clouds.

As the day went on, it slowly started to clear and by the time of our ceremony the sun had come out and everything was warm and glowing. That's when my nerves turned to excitement!

Matt, Helen and their daughter Pippa.

Matt, Helen and their daughter Pippa.

It was such a magical moment when I arrived at the venue with my bridesmaids, seeing the crowd of friends and family, and our daughter Pippa.

The rest of the day went by so fast, and the night was even better. I had so much fun, and my mouth hurt from smiling so much! I couldn't believed I was now married to my best friend, it was the best feeling in the world.

The dress: My dress was from Astra Bridal, and was actually three pieces. It was a silk skirt, with a matching bodice and a beaded pearl overlay top.

I felt so comfortable in it, and I could take the beaded top off once the dancing got underway. The best part was, the skirt had pockets! 

The flowers: We used Paradise Flowers in Paihia, they were amazing. We had the most gorgeous bouquets with pastel blooms, greenery and succulent touches. 

Highlight of the wedding: Apart from having our little girl there, the highlight of the wedding would be managing to pull off a beach ceremony with the sun coming out.

Our reception was also amazing, and we couldn't have asked for better speeches, or a better playlist! 

Was there any drama: Just those gale force winds first thing in the morning the day of the wedding - they nearly ripped out our marquee.

The honeymoon: After the wedding, we took off to the Bay of Islands for three days of chill time.

A few months later we went to Rarotonga (child free!) for our best friend's wedding, and counted this as our second honeymoon. 

Your photographer and favourite photo: Susi Liddington was our stylist and wedding planner, and we used Lola Photography. Our favourite snap is the one of us with our daughter Pippa.

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