Papal medal recognises church musicians committed service video

Bill McElhinney, pictured, and Mike Cullimore have been playing music at most St Mary’s Sunday masses for over 30 years.

Bringing life to Sunday mass has been the goal for Bill McElhinney and Mike Cullimore, who have been playing music at St Mary's in Blenheim for over 30 years.

Loneliness can be countered by knowing just six neighbours - study

Shannon Gunstone, 36, moved to Sydney with her husband in March. She quickly realised the hardship of not having any ...

A global study quantifying loneliness has found feelings of isolation are better mitigated by incidental interactions within local communities.

How sunsmart are you?

NIVEA Sun is on a mission to empower Kiwis to make their best sun safe decisions and it starts with sharing the facts ...

SPONSORED: Advice on effective and environmentally conscious sun protection all in one place.

Charting a course for Kiwi foster kids video

Accompanied by her dog Zia Connor has completed 10,000 nautical miles in the last three years, sailing between ...

From teenage runaway to finding her joy as a writer and solo sailor, Elana Connor wants other foster kids to receive the right navigation post-care.

What our dogs' sleep habits tell us about them – and ourselves

Like us, dogs typically take longer to fall asleep in strange places, their sleep habits change with age - and they snore.

Like us, dogs typically take longer to fall asleep in strange places, their sleep habits change with age - and they snore.

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Why we need action to stop us being so still video

The World Health Organisation recommends muscle-strengthening activity at least twice a week.

Too much sitting is bad for you, but a new study suggests short period of exercise can help combat the damage.

Found: The parenting advice that could make life so much easier

OPINION: Great parenting is not something we have to strain for. It's within our grasp and deeply embedded in our intuition, if we stop just long enough to pay attention.

We're rich. What now?

Half of all humans could be overweight by 2050 - study

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I started jogging again after eight years – it's been life-changing

If you’re learning to jog for the first time, jog for one minute, and walk for one minute, on repeat, says Philo ...

My exercise regimen fell off a cliff once my original motivation for long-distance running disappeared. The fix was surprisingly easy.

Why runners need to embrace foam rollers

OPINION: People often dread foam rollers. But, honestly, runners, it's time to embrace them in our lives.

Running over the Harbour Bridge is a highlight of the Auckland Marathon.

A marathon effort: A start-line flop and other "rookie" errors video

OPINION: Remembering that time a race over a bridge took a bunch of weird and wonderful diversions.

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Covid-19: Bullied 7-year-old fights back by opening US food pantry

Since March, Cavanaugh has found ways to help local communities, from delivering care packages to elderly people in his ...

'After I was bullied and I felt a darkness inside of me, I knew I didn't want other kids to feel the same way I felt,' wrote Cavanaugh Bell.

Plotting a course to raise funds and awareness for foster kids video

An American sailor and former foster teen is using her voice to advocate for children in care, raising money for a new scholarship on the way.

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