Dr Libby: The word 'stressed' is overused

Dr Libby Weaver believes it's time to do something about stress.

12:50 PM  'I'm so busy… so stressed out… so exhausted.' Does that sound familiar? Dr Libby Weaver believes it's time to do something about it.

Sorry, but scones are boring

Leah Fall thinks it may be the minimal ingredients in scones that annoys her.

OPINION: Dusty, boring, wilfully austere… don't call the cops, but I've never been one for a scone.

The power of walking

Dr Tom's walk through a cemetery helped him appreciate the good things in his life rather than the bad.

Walking won't solve all your problems, or reverse tragedy, but it might help with the things you can control.

Growing up on Kāpiti Coast

"The beauty of growing up in Ōtaki was having it all: sea, sun and sky," says Pera Barrett.

Pera Barrett, 35, is an author, rapper and bank worker. He lives in Tawa with his wife and children.

No iPhone? Never been happier

People are adopting a "digital minimalism" approach in the interests of their mental and physical health.

More people are becoming digital minimalists to improve their mental health.

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How do I pick a lover?

I want to experience sex and, later, a relationship, but I'm worried I'll pick the wrong person.

ADVICE: I'm worried I'll choose the wrong person.

We tried Kangatraining video

ADVICE: I was effectively exercising with a grizzling time bomb.

How to behave in the Koru Lounge

'Pākehā society is really ageist in lots of ways'

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Toil, tragedy, trauma and triumph

Some of Dr Tom's class who graduated in 1989 and  attended their reunion in Christchurch.

A group of fresh-faced med students who began their studies 30 years ago are clinically still in their prime.

Once in lifetime world of discovery

Helping save the planet is just one goal on Shannon McLean's long list.

The Auckland-based choreographer and senior dance teacher is the curator and producer of Auckland's Creative Ageing ...

'Pākehā society is really ageist in lots of ways'

Susan Jordan has spent five decades in the dance world. She's not slowing down.

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Mike King calls for suicide notes

Mike King is calling for end-of-life letters and messages for a new study into suicide.

Nearly every time Mike King gives a talk, someone hands him an end-of-life letter from their loved ones.

How do I pick a lover?

ADVICE: I'm worried I'll choose the wrong person.

Author Nicky Pellegrino.

When is my menopause party? video

OPINION: While this extraordinary hormonal storm is raging inside us, we carry on gliding through life.

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