The cancer-preventing vaccine video

The HPV vaccine is free for females and males from 9-26 years of age.

ADVICE: Here's why you should ensure the young people in your life get their HPV immunisations.

How to sleep well - whatever your age video

Struggling to get to or stay asleep can be a problem at any age.

Experts believe there's a solution for every generation.

The secrets to getting fit at any age video

The 20s is the decade to find exercise you love: "You want to build up a healthy addiction to exercise."

There's no secret to staying fit later in life - just choosing what's right for you.

Kiwi's battle with binge eating

Claireabelle Burt has lost 38kg in 6 months and is now campaigning to raise awareness of the binge eating disorder she ...

Claireabelle Burt lost 38kg in six months as she fought a disease more common than anorexia.

Blessed are the pets

A nearby church was having a Pet Blessing. Leah McFall is someone who can't walk past a dog without remarking on it, so ...

OPINION: Some pets needed blessing more than others, but they all appreciated the Lord being shepherd for a morning.

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My son's house is a mess video

You'll be rebuffed pretty quickly if you overstep the line when it comes to offering help with keeping another family ...

ADVICE: We brought him up to live in a clean environment. How can he live like this?

Fitness myths to stop buying into

If you're looking to shape up for summer, know there are some health and exercise 'facts' you can ignore.

Menstrual cups 'safe', study finds

Anna Willcox is suffering chronic pain

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Closing in on pipe dream

Brett McKeown is playing the pipes at the World Championships in Glasgow in August.

"If you're the one person who plays the pipes, they're gonna remember you," says a Blenheim-raised bagpiper heading to world championships.

Knowing your why video

OPINION: Brook van Reenen had to figure out his “why” before embarking on an epic journey.

Amy George has gone from being dangerously underweight to a pro bodybuilder.

Anorexia to bodybuilding champ

In her hospital bed, Amy George's grandma asked her not to die before she did. Ten years later, the bodybuilder is recovering from anorexia.

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Women shaking up 'boys' clubs'

The club has stood on Auckland's Princes Street since 1869, but only allowed women to join in 1990.

Victoria Carter and Lindy Esslemont's appointments symbolise that the clubs are no longer male bastions.

Five ways to lower your Alzheimer's risk video

New research suggests ditching red meat, a brisk walk, doing a crossword and sticking to one glass of wine at dinner could be vital.

Australian grandmother-of-seven Andrea Phelan recently got her first tattoos.

Why grandmas are getting inked video

"You're going to be wrinkly anyway. Why not have some amazing artwork?"

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