I'm writing travel journals again. How you can make one too

In addition to standard travelogue content, I also wrote highly embarrassing little essays.

My first official one was a light-blue hardcover diary that I brought on our first family trip to Europe in 1998.

Nicola Turner is saving the planet, one down-sized wardrobe at a time

For one week, Nicola Turner wore the same black top and jeans every day, changing it up with different accessories, ...

If we want to save the planet, the best place we can start is with our wardrobe, writes Kylie Klein Nixon.

How to think like an Olympian (without being one)

British swimmer Adam Peaty has a “no-excuse mentality” that helps him be a champion.

Performance psychologist Bill Beswick shares his golden secrets of success so you can apply the Olympic-winning formula to your own life.

These small changes can lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

Changes in the brain that are the precursors to Alzheimer's disease can start to happen decades before any symptoms show up.

How to start protecting your brain from Alzheimer’s disease now.

Dear Petra: My boyfriend has broken up with me four times in nine months

Dear Petra: My boyfriend has left me four times in nine months

"Last time we agreed that if he felt the urge to leave again, he would talk to me about it. Four days ago I came home to see that he was gone."

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Wellbeing fatigue: Have we had too much of a good thing?

We all want to be healthy, but doesn’t the frenzy around wellbeing feel a little burnt out?

There are a lot of positive things that have come out of wellness and mindfulness, but these concepts have been hijacked by capitalism and celebrity.

How to deal with ‘collective burnout’

In the pandemic world, burnout is more prevalent - but it can be treated with ease and regularity.

How simple breathing techniques could change your health and life

Women and Investing: The three biggest myths that hold women back

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My Sunday: Royal New Zealand Ballet's Ana Gallardo Lobaina

Royal New Zealand Ballet soloist Ana Gallardo Lobaina in rehearsal.

Ana Gallardo Lobaina was four when she started practising ballet in her hometown of Holguín, Cuba. Now, she is a soloist for the RNZB.

The terrible vengeance of sleep procrastination

Why clawing back hours "wasted" on others from your sleep is a chronic self-own.

Leah McFall has given in and taken up the mantle of Yogi.

The annoying perfection of yoga types

OPINION: What is it about a certain kind of yoga person? I saw one the other day. He wore a topknot and Birkenstocks.

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Celebrating trailblazing wāhine

My Food Bag founder and best-selling author Nadia Lim will be part of the speaker series this year.

SPONSORED: Meet some of Aotearoa’s most incredible women at the Women of Influence Speaker Series.

'Crazy' idea to inspire restaurant staff reels in the country's top achievers video

Anton Matthews is happiest cooking up cod, or championing te reo Māori, but challenged himself to attract high-profile Kiwis to speak at his new event – and succeeded.

On Sunday afternoon, Porter Lightfoot, left, met up with James McLaren, the man who rescued him.

Wellington man reunites with his rescuer

Porter Lightfoot was walking home when he experienced an epileptic seizure. James McLaren stopped to help him, carrying him to his flat and calling 111.

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