Do I cut ties with draining friends?

My "friend" has become more of a charity case.

ADVICE: I don't enjoy my "friend's" company, should I cut all ties?

Battling cancer - and visa issues video

While in America, David celebrates international glazed donuts day.

David Downs: Facing yet another delay in my treatment, it looks like I may need to make a visa run.

How much do you weigh? stuff nation

"After the scales tipped 91.7kg, I began starving myself again." (File photo)

The words that rolled off his tongue were so painful to hear. He destroyed my self-love.

20-year-old woke up unable to walk

James Weitzel, with his sister Catherine Nortell, eight months after he completed his arduous treatment.

While James' friends were off at uni, he was at home, "trying not to die".

Want to get more done? Think small

When it comes to the to-do list, you need to learn to think small.

We all like to set big goals in January. But those optimistic to-do lists may be doing more harm than good.

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NZ worst for sugary drinks

An international study found New Zealand to have the highest proportion of added sugar (file photo).

NZ comes out worse than the Canada, UK and Australia in new study - but government says no plans for sugar tax.

Don't bin unused medicine

You should never throw drugs away.

Don't get sucked in by Ashy Bines

'Baby brain' is real - study

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This wheeless 'skateboard' works wonders

Eleanor Black" working on her core.

The Rock-it board promises to enhance core strength and overall fitness in a fun, gentle way.

Cliff stairs offer spectacular view video

A new Palmerston North walkway wows with its spectacular Manawatū River views.

Spend time with the children in your life.

10 things you should do right now

Get to know your neighbours and stop using plastic bags.

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Change your mindset, change your life stuff nation

Counting your blessings and appreciating the little things in life can work wonders for your general wellbeing.

Losing my mum and a heartbreaking viral letter from a young cancer victim inspired me to change my entire approach to life.

10 resolutions you'll actually keep

1. Stop telling people how fat and useless you are.

Jemma Caprioli had a gastrectomy in the hope she would avoid a rare gastric cancer. A pathology examination later found ...

Life without a stomach video

Jemma chose life without a stomach - just in the nick of time.

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