Mum-of-eight's squat record

Waikato's Fran Wilson is currently training for the Natural Universe Bodybuilding championships.

Waikato mum-of-eight Fran Wilson says becoming a bodybuilder doesn't happen overnight.

She bet on herself to slim down

Laura Day bet $500 she could lose weight.

This Aussie woman has gone to slightly different lengths than most to lose weight for summer.

It's OK to find meditation boring

If you find meditation boring, meditate more.

If you're bored by meditation, meditate more and explore what lies beyond the boredom.

Your beliefs could harm innocent kids

If I had a belief that vaccination was harmful, I wouldn't vaccinate my kids or myself.

When a belief causes harm to others and especially unprotected infants who don't yet have beliefs the debate can get heated.

We try a weird new winter sport

Showshoeing in glorious Queenstown.

Stephen Heard tries a snow sport with a different kind of adrenaline rush.

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