9 steps to shape up for spring

If you want abs, you're going to have to work for them.

Need a bit of motivation to lose that winter muffin top? Here you go.

History can be cool

Archives manager Megan Ross goes through the massive collection at the Marlborough Museum.

"It's 13.4 degrees in here," says Megan Ross, pointing at the thermometer flanked by shelves and shelves of negatives and other memorabilia.

Read to feed your mind

The ability to download volumes of stories on to a device makes reading accessible like never before.

Reading is like fertiliser for the mind. Books and stories, however you access them, spark the imagination and help you escape...

A salutary tale about self-torture

Walking: low-impact, free, you can do it anywhere.

OPINION: If your middle-aged joints can't hack the gym, go for a long walk. Up a hill.

The secret to getting stuff done

Upholders like Michelle Obama are rare.

Can't seem to fit it all in? You need to figure out your "tendency".

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