Which is your favourite quote?

'Zip it, sweetie' - Paula Bennett

7698 votes, 34.4%

'I just want to emphasise that it is not our best guess, it's just a guess' - Bill English

2399 votes, 10.7%

'Oh f....! I can't afford that' - Ewen Gilmour

1928 votes, 8.6%

'I don't remember' - John Banks

2847 votes, 12.7%

'You think I came up the river on a cabbage boat' - John Banks

1540 votes, 6.9%

'Who needs to be able to quote Shakespeare if you can play rugby?' - Joshua Iosefo

1142 votes, 5.1%

'Nonu, Nonu, Nonu, boom!' - Byron Coll

4819 votes, 21.5%

Total 22373 votes

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