What does a round of golf with Obama mean for New Zealand?

Nothing, two rich guys in Hawaii playing an elitist sport

1514 votes, 42.8%

Everything, Obama only plays with his buddies, so we're in!

948 votes, 26.8%

If Key gives Obama a few putts, maybe we get a Free Trade Agreement

161 votes, 4.6%

I'd feel better if Lydia Ko was playing for NZ

290 votes, 8.2%

Not fair, Obama should have to play Key in a NZ return match

58 votes, 1.6%

Your emails and phonecalls will never be safe again

451 votes, 12.8%

They didn't play "together". Not with Key always going right, and Obama left

115 votes, 3.3%

Total 3537 votes

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