Good morning starshine

Amelita Galli-Curci visited New Zealand in 1925 to wildly enthusiastic audiences.

New Zealand welcomed a steady stream of global stars in the "golden age" of touring entertainers.

Theatre director celebrated

Pat Snoxell reads through the tribute book, This Is Your Life, prepared for him.

The stars were out and on the stage to mark Pat Snoxell's 90th birthday.

An indictment of NZ children

Constance Barnicoat was a gifted journalist, linguist and mountain climber, who didn't think much of New Zealand children.

Writer's suggestion Kiwi kids were the worst brought up in the world are taken seriously.

Putting middle age on the stage

The cast of Middle Age Spread rehearses a scene on a custom-built set designed by Sean Coyle.

Centrepoint's first show of the year takes a step into the 1970s.

Singers celebrated in new show

Manawatū band Quiet Storm has created a performance of female singer-songwriters throughout New Zealand's musical ...

Female Kiwi singers will be celebrated in a new show by Manawatū band Quiet Storm.

Ninety-nine years young

Lesley Perkins' story began on New Year's Day 1920. Her New Zealand chapter has not finished yet.

Lesley Perkins' story began on New Year's Day 1920. Her NZ chapter began more than 50 years ago.

New street art in Palmy video

A large-scale mural by well-known artist Graham Hoete has become a welcomed addition to a previously blank Palmerston ...

It can reflect a city's soul and capture its energy. Street art has come a long way.

Bard has plenty of bounce

Summer Shakespeare Manawatu 2019 rehearsals for Antony and Cleopatra.

Shakespeare is alive and well in this exploration of the historical Roman tragedy from 1607.

Fish hooks of fish hooks

Our four-legged friends and fish hooks don't mix well.

Our four-legged vacuum cleaners can hoover anything up, with disastrous results, writes Malcolm Anderson.

Little kids love George Ezra

George Ezra, the man behind the phenomenon. "I'll be riding shotgun…"

OPINION: Turns out Greer Berry's children aren't the only ones obsessed with the George Ezra earworm.

The summer of 28

Rangitikei St at Featherston St corner in the mid-1920s.

MEMORY LANE:  The sun is out, smoking is healthy, and Ben-Hur is on the way.

The Bard in the open air

Rob Lloyd, as Mark Antony, hugs Kathleen Shiri van Rooyen, as Cleopatra, during a rehearsal in Palmerston North's Esplanade.

After months of planning and rehearsing, Summer Shakespeare is set to open.

Fresh Eggs hard-boiled

Cohen Holloway and Claire Chitham star in TVNZ's new comedy-drama Fresh Eggs.

OPINION: Wayward performances and script ruin the yoke of Kiwi black comedy.

Hold on tight

It's a good idea to tie your friend up properly when they're travelling on the back.

PAWS AND CLAWS: Don't forget about your friend on the back of the ute, just look at poor old Sid.

Author's imagination goes sky high

Author Claire Aramakutu ,with her constant companion, Anthem.

Claire Aramakutu felt the fear, but wrote a book anyway.

Friends make a show for Mr Lola Illusion

Mr Lola Illusion is Ian Harman's alter ego and the host of his show Lola and Friends.

A new cabaret concept from Ian Harman brings out not just his alter ego, but his friends as well.

Worst place in the world for cricket

Bishen Bedi was one of the world's best bowlers. He was no fan of the Basin Reserve.

MEMORY LANE: Indian captain fumes about the Wellington cold, Jaws scares movie-goers and Manawatū women are encouraged to look sharp.

Scary inhabitants of Australia

The huntsman spider is commonly found in Australia.

PAWS AND CLAWS: Working as a vet in Townsville was an adventure every day.

Woodworker's imperfect perfections

Adam Laker.

A Feilding woodworker has made a name out of using imperfect and blemished wood.

Sharp photos, sharper memories

This image from the Elmar Studios collection was captioned "Mills Fish", from 1966.

Memory Lane: A clearer picture of the people and processing at Elmar Studios takes shape.

The healing touch

Rebekah Harbour and her mother Susan Hawes are practitioners of zero balancing, an alternative therapy.

A mother and daughter are practitioners of the same healing practice in different parts of the world.

Palmerston North's history captured on film

An unidentified Red Cross group from the 1940s.

MEMORY LANE: Photographic memory bank lacks a few vital details - names, places and events.

Belly dancer follows her bliss

Andrea Hopkins teaches as Aziza Belly Dance Palmerston North and she performs alongside her students.

Andrea Hopkins believes in the power of dance as she makes her way through life with a shimmy and a shake.

Watch out for seeds

Remember to check your furry friend for seeds that can lodge themselves in all sorts of places.

PAWS AND CLAWS: Evil little demons can end up in all sorts of hiding places in your friend's fur.

Art that goes hand in hand

Victoria Webster and Marilyn Blenkhorn are Levin artists exhibiting together at Square Edge Community Arts.

Two Horowhenua artists decide to keep each other company in a new exhibition.

Lost treasures in the fine print

Silent-movie actress Clara Kimball Young.

Every old advert has a back story, and a reward it seems, writes Tina White.

The day of garden reckoning arrives

The sun came out for the Manawatū Art and Garden Trail and so did the art.

In the last of Carly Thomas' series on opening her large garden to the public, the day finally arrives.

When Mum feels rundown

They look cute, but sometimes kittens take too much.

PAWS AND CLAWS: Kittens and puppies can sometimes take all the energy for themselves.

New year, new art

Jayeta Valentine is a Taranaki artist exhibiting in Palmerston North for the first time.

Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts opens its changing exhibition programme for 2019 with an exhibition of naturalistic paintings by Jayeta Valentine.

A garden with history and heart

Ngaire and Bruce Cheetham stand in the garden they have created over the past 59 years.

Their garden has been 59 years in the making and Ngaire and Bruce Cheetham have enjoyed every minute.

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