St Kents lacks moral compass

St Kentigern College ought to be ashamed of itself, argues Dennis Slade.

OPINION: Auckland school may have acted within the letter of the law, but it lacks ethics in sporting arms race.

Falling for Trump's trap

United States President Donald Trump calls the news media the enemy of the people. He has weaponised public distrust of ...

OPINION: Parts of the news media have been suckered into playing Donald Trump's game.

Voters reject small parties

Cabinet minister Andrew Little says there may be a referendum on possible adjustments to the political system.

OPINION: Minor parties struggle to get into Parliament, but that may not be the system's fault.

Warne could play, on and off the pitch

Australian cricketer and commentator Shane Warne spoke candidly to broadcaster Mark Nicholas for his book, No Spin.

OPINION: Let's say Warney never went thirsty, but when he walked out to play he blocked out his other world.

Auckland too big to ignore

National MP Simon O'Connor is considering a tilt at the Auckland mayoralty.

OPINION: Auckland has an outsized role in our national life and that influences politics.

Online groceries buried me in plastic stuff nation

The amount of single-use plastic waste was literally gobsmacking. (File photo)

Grocery shopping with MS is a challenge, but it seems cutting down on unnecessary plastic in supermarkets is an even greater challenge.

Roeg, Bertolucci deaths a blow

Bernardo Bertolucci, who won Oscars with "The Last Emperor" and whose erotic drama "Last Tango in Paris" enthralled and ...

OPINION: The movies have lost two influential and controversial figures this week.

Keep the corporates out of the ring

Trevor Shailer had 177 fights as an amateur and doesn't subscribe to the theory boxers should be able to take a punch.

OPINION: Flabby, unprepared haymaker throwers are a danger to themselves and their opponents.

The costs of closure through re-entry

As Andrew Little announces plans to re-enter the Pike River mine, family members of dead miners, from left, Anna ...

OPINION: Karl Du Fresne asks what will be achieved by re-entering the Pike River mine.

Transport officials stuck in the past video

Cyclists are rightly unhappy the Manawatū Gorge replacement route's "indicative" plans don't include room for ...

OPINION: Planning a Manawatū Gorge replacement highway without pedestrian and cycling lanes is old-fashioned and illogical.

National haunted by the ghosts of 2002

Simon Bridges might be wise to attack the Government's flanks and not its No 1 asset, the prime minister.

OPINION: Even if the path back to power is long, averting disaster may mean leaving Ardern alone and hitting the Government flanks.

Senseless end to stimulating day

Kebabs don't look so good splattered about a staircase on a Saturday night.

OPINION: Richard Swainson wonders what motives people to empty the contents of their Middle Eastern cuisine on his stairs.

Ireland welcome to World Cup favourites tag

Irish coach Joe Schmidt, left, shakes Steve Hansen's hand while Ian Foster looks on. Schmidt might be the man to fill ...

OPINION: Don't panic, just yet. There's plenty of time for the All Blacks to come right.

In apology to my dogs

Once you become dog-obsessed, it's hard to stop. Although human children sometimes grab your attention.

OPINION: Greer Berry's fur babies don't always get the love they deserve, but she certainly loves them.

Counting the Jami-Lee cost

National Party leader Simon Bridges cools off with an icecream at the Hawke's Bay A and P Show.

OPINION: Recess provides National opportunity to circle the wagons and refocus.

Technology offers too much of a good thing

Mr Zimmerman has fallen into that category of artist whose career advances on two distinct fronts.

OPINION: Re-releases, re-recordings, covers upon covers - oh for the simplicity of the CD years.

ABs offside with kicking game

Steve Hansen keeps claiming Beauden Barrett is still learning after having played 71 tests.

OPINION: New Zealand players aren't grubs - as in they're no good with the grubber kick.

Councillors should do the reasonable thing

Horowhenua District Council chief executive David Clapperton was allowed to intercept emails for years.

OPINION: Horowhenua councillors should consider whether an apology from the chief executive is enough to make amends.

Trump's strategy cannot win

Not happy with the mid-term election result? Then fire the attorney-general. That will distract them.

OPINION: News media need to be on their guard against US president's tactics of moving on to the even more absurd.

Just a little over the top

Women, including Keeley Hawes, are front and centre in the BBC drama series Bodyguard.

OPINION: We watch TV dramas for entertainment - not to be lectured about diversity.

Council's peculiar spin on its telling-off

Horowhenua District Council chief executive David Clapperton vetted emails until the practice stopped last year.

OPINION: Horowhenua officials are desperate to cast their actions in a positive light, when there isn't one.

US politics a vicarious melodrama

Donald Trump's pointed communication style makes more sense when viewed through the lens of professional-wrestling bravado.

OPINION: Politics is increasingly about entertainment and the United States is a pop-cultural superpower.

A stairway too far for NZ Post

Posties are refusing to take the stairs to Auteur House.

OPINION: A back-breaking fridge can make its way up a flight of stairs, but not a letter.

The scene is set for 2020 video

The next two years could be awkward for United States President Donald Trump.

OPINION: Don't bet the House on Republicans and Democrats co-operating ahead of the 2020 United States election.

In praise of Winx

As a champion, Winx transcends all sports.

OPINION: An unsophisticate's take on pushing champion mare Winx too far.

Peace at the heart of city's identity

Palmerston North City councillor Brent Barrett talks to a crowd of protesters objecting to a defence industry forum in ...

OPINION: Palmerston North can be both a defence city and a promoter of peace.

KiwiBuild's Potemkin cul-de-sacs video

Jacinda Ardern lends KiwiBuild homeowners Derryn Magna and Fletcher Ross a hand as they move into their Papakura house.

OPINION: Housing scheme's morale-boosting propaganda doesn't tackle crisis, just like those ancient Crimean constructions.

Foxton fizzing back into life video

Foxton, once again, feels like the place to be.

OPINION: Watch out Foxton, now you're cool prepare for invasion from hipster Wellington folk and retired public servants.

Make NZ the voice of peace

Thomas Nash says more than ever New Zealand needs to be a voice of peace and mediation.

OPINION: As Albert Einstein once said, one cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.

Looking twice at plastic-dependent tourists

Richard Swainson didn't see any plastic bags in French Polynesia – maybe bans work.

OPINION: With a great deal of reluctance, a large paper bag was discovered underneath a shelf.

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