Government inquiry insults a city

There have been high-profile system failures at Palmerston North Hospital's mental health ward and people have stories ...

 OPINION: Mental health inquiry fails to prioritise listening to Palmerston North people with raw insight.

Working to change ingrained ways

Dame Margaret Bazley's report raises thorny questions about workplace culture.

OPINION: The report into sexual harassment at Russell McVeagh is a window into workplace culture.

'You're actually scared of balloons?'

Greer Berry's worst nightmare. Berry suffers from globophobia (file photo).

OPINION: Indeed Greer Berry is scared of Satan's plaything. And now the world hates them too.

Sin-bin silly cards

The ref had no choice but to send Kirk Tufuga to the bin on Saturday.

OPINION: Rugby's lawmakers should reduce yellow-card offences.

Attacks on free speech

Donald Trump's "fake news" cries are far from the only threats to who says what.

OPINION: Trump's "fake news" cries are far from the only threats over who says what.

All Saints progress urgent

The latest version of plans for All Saints feature a new covered gathering space and centre front entrance into the church.

OPINION: Plea not to let building crumble because of yet-to-happen earthquake.

A not so wee problem

Bladder stones come in several forms depending on the type of mineral crystal they are formed from.

OPINION: Bladder stones a familiar ailment in dogs, writes vet Malcolm Anderson.

Defence priorities and tensions

Defence Minister Ron Mark has made a commitment to making the defence force more open and transparent.

OPINION: Just-released strategic policy statement highlights new and emerging priorities.

Losing together

Dejected English fans at the end of the 2018 World Cup football semi-final loss to Croatia, at an outdoor screen in ...

OPINION: The emotion and oddity of England's brush with Football World Cup success.

Turbo from left field

Lifeimi Mafi in his Taranaki days in 2005. The 36-year-old's signing is a calculated risk from the Turbos.

OPINION: The decision to sign Lifeimi Mafi is a calculated risk by Manawatū Rugby.

A state under fire

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not an easy man to like, but voters presumably want him to be tough and ...

OPINION: From the very start, Israel's existence has been threatened by hostile states that surround it.

Public holidays stitch us together

ACT party leader David Seymour says people should be able to choose their own annual leave days, instead of public holidays.

One of the main divisions on the Right is between "libertarians" and those who are "conservative".

The good doctor Irwin

The late Mark Irwin, left, with other 1956 All Blacks who played South Africa; Don McIntosh, Nev MacEwan and Bill Clark.

OPINION: It's a strange thing to read of the demise of the man who delivered you.

Do you remember Harold?

John Wayne. Just like Hal Linden, his name was for showbiz purposes.

OPINION: Probably not, but there he was making a cameo appearance on SVU.

Broader base needed

Feilding Old Boys-Ōroua are the Manawatū women's club champions. To stay strong, the province needs more teams.

OPINION: Manawatū's top two women's teams played a great final, but what lies beneath?

Bacon, eggs and marriage

Happy wedding scenes need not be solely the domain of a summer's afternoon.

OPINION: A good wedding doesn't need to follow what everyone else does.

Beware the American way

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was evicted from a restaurant in the United States. Embracing such ...

OPINION: More power to the courts is not always a progressive move.

Wallabies' woes run deep

Aussie rugby is in crisis and the series loss to Ireland is just the tip of the iceberg.

OPINION: Aussie rugby is at an all-time low and won't get better any time soon.

Demurring about death

Hereditary is concerned with grief, loss and dysfunction.

OPINION: Exploring life and what happens afterwards through cinema.

Seeing red over whingeing

The controversial red carding of Benjamin Fall was in fact a simple call for the ref.

OPINION: Pictures don't lie and Angus Gardner was right to red-card Benjamin Fall.

The blessings of children

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford have welcomed a baby girl, Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford.

OPINION: Being a parent means saying goodbye to a carefree existence.

Labouring their points

Jacinda Ardern's Labour-led Government has done what people expect.

OPINION: No matter how long this Government lasts, it's already making its mark.

Seeing red over communication blues

Computers can both help and hinder communication.

OPINION: Sometimes modern technology complicates our ability to understand each other.

Success out of blood and tears

Sanson resident and bakery owner Viv Withers holds up a 'cream horn'  pastry sweet which travellers often stop in the ...

OPINION: Duncan Garner blows the horn for a couple who saw an opportunity and grabbed it.

Those poor Aussies

England's Jonny Bairstow celebrates reaching a century during the one-day international cricket match against Australia ...

OPINION: The underperformance of our trans-Tasman cousins across numerous codes has piled pleasure upon pleasure.

A tough nut to crack

Hamish Robertson turned pro in 2005 and flew straight to Queensland.

OPINION: It takes a lot to break into golf's top flight, as our best amateurs find.

The Greens' water dilemma

Under-fire minister Eugenie Sage had little choice other than to grant water rights to  Chinese interests.

OPINION: When it comes to granting water rights to Chinese interests, the Greens are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

High hopes for Fonda

Jane Fonda is drawing on the theatrical tradition of the one-woman show.

OPINION: Hollywood star's one-woman show has rich material from which to draw.

Defence Force must front

The Defence Force's toxic foam scandal silence cannot continue (file photo).

OPINION: We need an explanation about why toxic foam information was withheld.

Old-time rock'n'roll

Bill Haley and his compatriots saved us from dull music – for a few decades.

OPINION: New kinds of music don't soothe the soul. In fact, they put Karl du Fresne to sleep.

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