Riding Shotgun

Preparing kids for climate change

Climate Change

OPINION: As the nation refuses to confront climate change obligations, or talk about the looming black cloud, how are our children faring?

If you're a sellout, tell me later

voting booth

OPINION: I'm not so naive as to think politics isn't sometimes about compromise. I just don't want to know that a political party is going to shaft me until after the election.

Hot and bothered over stupidity

Sun, sunny, hot day, heat wave

OPINION: As Australia sizzles through another record-breaking heatwave, Mr Abbott is reconfirming his commitment to do nothing.

Dairy alarm falls on deaf ears

OPINION: Another day, another dire report for dairying and its impact on the environment.

Kids need training like dogs

RACHEL STEWART - Manawatu Standard

OPINION: One of the great things about having no ankle biters is that I've had time to observe the behaviour of the many prats who do.

Putting up with a load of pillocks

woman driving

OPINION: I'm less outraged and more saddened by the casual misogyny that flows out of the mouths of many males in this country.

TV news is great for a laugh

OPINION: If ever you needed a reminder why this country is so messed up then feel free to relive these highlights with me.

More of same, or fresh blood?

OPINION: Local body elections are once again upon is. My, how time flies - even when you're not having fun.

A greenie and proud of it

That moment when you phone your editor for a long overdue catch-up, partly hoping for some words from the wise to gain inspiration for your next column. Yeah, that one.

A toast to probing by the press

OPINION: On the balmy California evening of August 8, 1974, I was lying on my living room floor in front of a flickering television screen. I was totally riveted. I knew it was big news.

What's going down the drain?

Manawatu Standard

The negative impacts of proposed irrigation and water storage schemes are being discussed more and more. The process used to see them to fruition also deserves some sunlight.

Getting interested in water

OPINION: Every New Zealander, in town and country, needs to get interested in, and educated about, what is happening to our nation's most valuable resource.

Tattoo also a NZ brand of pride

OPINION: Public outrage about Air New Zealand's policy not to hire cabin staff displaying ta moko has finally elicited a response.

Measure your political groove

RACHEL STEWART - Manawatu Standard

OPINION: What are your true political stripes? Are you a democrat, anarchist or maybe something else?

Right racket over duckshooting

"If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands." So said writer Douglas Adams.

Government giveth, and taketh away

OPINION: I was surprisingly moved by many of the impassioned parliamentary speeches given just prior to the passing of the Marriage (Equality) Amendment Bill on April 17.

Tourism depends on 'pure' NZ

100% Pure New Zealand

RACHEL STEWART - Manawatu Standard

OPINION: I ask this in all seriousness; Imagine you're a foreign tourist; why would you, over any other destination, spend your dosh coming to New Zealand?

When the oil folks come to town

OPINION: Oil drilling and fracking gets an easy ride in Taranaki, but branching out into other areas of the country means that ride just got bumpy.

How DOC sold its soul for $20m

Brand smeared with Fonterra deal

OPINION: How would New Zealanders feel if the Ministry of Health was so short of funds that it, with straight-face, accepted sponsorship from a giant tobacco company?

Venturing into scary places

OPINION: Soul-sucking shopping malls are not for the discerning, nor are they particularly safe.

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