New main street cafe in Havelock

Business owners Holly Bonnington, right, and Kay Nicholls (centre) at the Sneaky Beach Cafe in Havelock.

Business owners Holly Bonnington, right, and Kay Nicholls (centre) at the Sneaky Beach Cafe in Havelock.

The Sneaky Beach Cafe has opened in Havelock, to the delight of locals and passers-through.

The business is the result of mother-daughter team Holly Bonnington and Kay Nicholls.

It opened for a trial run on Saturday morning, then officially launched on Monday.

"Pleased to see the place is open again," said a local man, giving the owners a thumbs-up on his way out the door on Thursday morning.

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The cafe occupies the spot previously known as the Inlet Bakery, which has been closed since March.

Holly said truckies had already started knocking on the back door before the cafe opened in the mornings.

"All our regulars who used to come in, they're just about all back," says Kay. 

Both owners know the business well, having worked in previous cafes on the same site.

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"This is actually the third time I've worked here," Holly says. 

Nicholls was enjoying the creative freedom that came with owning the cafe.

"It's good to be able to do what I like, make what I want."

The food – baking, cabinet food, and cooked breakfasts – is all made on the premises.

The cafe can also bake specialty cakes for birthdays and weddings.

The pair said they got along well, and took care of separate parts of the business.

"She's stepped right up and runs the whole show," Kays says, talking about her daughter.

"I just do the book work and the baking, I'm real proud of her."

The business was originally supposed to be across the road, in the building formerly occupied by Havelock Town Cafe and Takeaways which went up in flames last year.

However, the rebuild and renovation took longer than expected.

"We were supposed to be opening in January, so we've had all our stuff in storage since December," Holly says. 

The pair got the word they would be able to move into the old Inlet Bakery site in August, and have been working on fitting it out ever since.

"It's all happened quite quickly," Bonnington said.

"We were pretty lucky that most of the stuff fitted in here."

The kitchen is smaller than planned, and the custom-made counter didn't fit.

The business will eventually move across the road and be renamed Barnacles.

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