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Be seriously silly for a good cause

Gary Aldridge

Red Nose Day is coming up this Friday with Cure Kids the organisation it supports this year.

Cherry blossom time for families

Bring your 100-year-old grandparent contest

The first-ever Cherry Blossom Festival to be held in Blenheim will take place this Sunday

Marching to beat of their own drum

A passion for drum and bass and a love of the "good vibes" it creates has seen two Blenheim DJ's become an instrumental force amid a resurgence in the drum and bass music scene in the region.

Care for a cooking lesson?

A cooking class for over-65 year olds aims to help people be more self-sufficient in their golden years.

Mentors make a difference

Becoming a youth mentor with Synergy Youth Mentoring has been one of the most fulfilling things that Leanne Whelan has done.

Hammer falls on donated tools

Alzheimers Marlborough held an auction of general and engineering tools on Saturday morning, raising an impressive $9848.

Parents share golden glory

Michael Sullivan's nerves were racing when he watched his son win an Olympic gold medal in London.

Bid to help rare bats

A group of dedicated volunteers are ensuring the continued survival of the increasingly rare South Island long-tailed bat at the Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve.

Fun times for dads and kids

ROBIN RAYMOND - The Marlborough Express

A series of fun days encouraging dads and children to spend more time together.

Cook has many talents

Community cook

Ros Gibson is a busy lady. Between her prolific work as a fund-raiser for various causes, her family life, tending her huge garden and being on the Marlborough Girls College board of trustees, she is still able to put together some delectable dishes.

Race proves an all-round winner

A pact between work colleagues and friends to get fit and lose weight has resulted in a donation of $2000 worth of toys to the children's ward at Wairau Hospital.

Ringing up highest points

SVEN HERSELMAN - The Marlborough Express

Riverlands School is showing that recycling certainly does pay

Grant helps volunteers find answers

If you have the question, the Citizens Advice Bureau Marlborough has the answer.

'Constable Sue' puts safety first

Driving around Marlborough to visit all the schools from Kaikoura to the Marlborough Sounds is a great way for Police Senior Constable Sue Bush to get to know her new patch.

Mentoring project transforms teens

At the start of last year Marlborough Girls College year 10 student Eilish Black, 15, hated school, fought with her parents, lacked self confidence and found it difficult to socialise with people outside her group of friends.

Stylists bid for championship glory

Some of the best hairdressers from the Nelson and Marlborough regions will compete for top honours next Sunday in the New Zealand Regional Hairdressers Championships at the Clubs of Marlborough, Blenheim.

Creative kids score $500 for school

A group of youngsters from Riverlands School have shown that toothpaste can indeed be plenty of fun - well the cartons it comes in, anyway.

School exhibition attracts top artists

SVEN HERSELMAN - The Marlborough Express

Two passionate Marlborough Girls College artists have made it possible for their peers to have their work exhibited along with some of the best artists in Marlborough.

Focused on their success

Shutter speed, aperture and exposure are not terms traditionally associated with scouts and scouting, but in modern scouting, members get the chance to learn about all manner of activities and hobbies.

A welcome to overwhelm this writer

SVEN HERSELMAN - The Marlborough Express

Marlborough Midweek reporter Sven Herselman is touched by an unexpected act of kindness.

Good bread hard habit to break

Community cooks

Not being able to get their hands on their favourite European delicacies hasn't fazed Annette and Richard Michna-Konigstorfer, they just make the goodies themselves.

Mental high in bolivia

The Marlborough Express

If you enjoy card games such as canasta and samba then bolivia may well be the challenge you are looking for.

Harder than expected

Cyclocross is tough, really tough. In fact, it is far more difficult than I had imaged before entering the first event of the Cyclocross Marlborough series on Sunday.

College cast stages musical

SVEN HERSELMAN - The Marlborough Express

Last night nearly four months of planning and countless hours of rehearsals came together for the 90-strong cast and crew of the Marlborough Boys' and Girls' Colleges production of Chicago.

Dark Knight rises to the occasion

It was, without a doubt, one of my most memorable movie experiences ever.

Picton pride

Joseph Sullivan is already a sporting legend in Picton and most of the town will be urging him on when he rows for Olympic gold in London as part of the New Zealand double scull crew with Nathan Cohen.

Athletic inspiration

With the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games in London only days away, it is worth remembering that 80 years ago in the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, a local Marlborough lad was New Zealand's flagbearer and team leader.

House proud

Jean Wilson and her late husband David were considered "ding-a-lings" in the 1950s when they bought, then insulated a Blenheim house.

Next step

A "blank canvas" stretches before Grovetown couple Cristina Cocchi and Simon Cooper as they consider their life together in New Zealand. They have just returned from a week's holiday in Italy to surprise Cristina's mother for her 60th birthday.

Hard times

Great people living a hard life is how Noall Berryman remembers earlier generations of his family in Marlborough.

Don's dispatches

“Know your enemy” is a worldwide mantra for intelligence agency officials and a former Blenheim man lets readers enter their world in his new book.

Sideline bollocking bad for game of rugby

OPINION: New Zealand has a proud sporting history and most of the best Kiwi sportsmen and women started at grassroots level, encouraged, supported, coached, and refereed by a network of community volunteers.

Transformation more than skin deep

Kelly Watson hadn't the foggiest about what a cleanser was, or let alone what it did, before taking on a 20-week skin rejuvenating programme offered through a Blenheim beauty spa.

Crude teddy still kinda cute

As a famous man once said: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”

Making veges taste good is the key

For Vivienne Evans helping people get healthy and stay healthy has been the central theme in her life.

Puttin' on the Ritz for hospice

Ladies, get out your ball gowns and gentlemen, make sure you have a dashing tuxedo

Get a grip on winter roads


It's a real treat to see the snow on the hills around Marlborough in the winter, and the school holidays have been a chance for keen types to head for the ski-fields or just drive up the Wairau Valley to throw some snowballs.

Club honours oldest members

At 102 years old, Betty Fleming is a remarkable woman

Celtic barn dance family fun


Get your dancing shoes on and prepare for a foot-stomping good time at the Marlborough SPCA celtic barn dance

Rhythm in feet, travel on minds

A group of 26 youngsters will get a chance to show off their dance moves at the Sydney Latin Festival in Australia

Learning how to save lives

It used to be that the only way to help someone suffering a heart attack was to administer CPR

Engaging web captures hearts

MATT LAWREY - The Marlborough Express

Like a lot of people I was less than thrilled to learn Hollywood was rebooting Spider-man a mere five years after Spider-man 3.

Earthquake a shocking welcome

I'll probably get some flak for putting a reassuring hand on man's digital best friend rather than being at my wife's side.

Paula shares her family favourites

Paula bakes a mean chocolate brownie, and pork chops with kumara mash

Band promises fun night for SPCA

SVEN HERSELMAN - The Marlborough Express

Get your dancing shoes on and prepare for a foot-stomping good time at the Marlborough SPCA celtic barn dance at St Andrews Hall on July 28.

Taking love of Blenheim home

New Zealand, and Marlborough in particular, has cast an enchanting spell over the Suminsky family.

Trust aims to save NZ falcon

They are capable of flying at up to 200kmh and are incredibly well adapted to taking prey up to six times their size, but with a population of about 4000 the magnificent New Zealand falcon could be headed to the extinct species list.

Couple stitch up Air NZ vouchers

Lady Luck has smiled upon Blenheim business owner Lars Hamann and his fiancee, Anne Radmall, with the couple winning a $2000 Air New Zealand voucher at the recent Marlborough Bridal Expo.

Region a love match for musician

Shane Seward

SVEN HERSELMAN - The Marlborough Express

A relaxed lifestyle, fine wine and the love of a Marlburian girl have seen talented Canadian musician Shane Seward sell his house, quit his job and move his entire life to Ward.

Innovative elves

Elf costumes and the bravery to "make a bit of a fool of themselves" have helped the Marlborough Federation of the Women's Institute to national recognition, president Maureen O'Connell says.
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