School has new principal

Karen O’Donnell

GERMARI HERSELMAN - The Marlborough Express

After more than a year of administration by a commissioner, Wairau Valley School again has a permanent principal.

Ministry yet to report on colleges

The Education Ministry has yet to on the community feedback on the future of our Blenheim's secondary schools.

Combined education site 'excites' NMIT

mnit strap

A future combined colleges' site that included tertiary education was an exciting prospect, NNMIT head Tony Gray said.

It's up to us

The community needs to convince the Government to provide for the future of Blenheim's secondary schooling

Single-sex classes favoured

Report shows clear message that providing adequate space, particularly for boys, is 'of the utmost importance'

Single site among options

Marlborough Boys' and Marlborough Girls' College have asked the Ministry of Education to work towards a new school site

Ministry to meet schools

College principals finally have a date for a meeting with Education Ministry officials to discuss the next step in the future of Blenheim's secondary schools.

Principals awaiting ministry meet

College principals are still waiting for a meeting with Education Ministry officials

Policy on colleges closer

A meeting next week will determine the next step in deciding the future of Blenheim's secondary schools, the Education Ministry says.

Report on college options

We can't sit back and leave the colleges the way they are. There are huge repairs needed.

Secondary school report takes shape

A report outlining what the Marlborough community wants for the future of their secondary schools is hoped to be with the Ministry of Education next week.

Ministry criticised over school consultation

Engaging in the Education Ministry's consultation about the future of Blenheim's secondary schools is like tackling a 10-tonne marshmallow

Many people have a say on schools

Education ministry officials are pleased with the number of public submissions made on the future of secondary education in Blenheim.

Colleges could share site


The mayor is working on a proposal to move the Blenheim colleges to one new 'greenfields' site

Editorial : For the future

alistair sowman

What does the Education Ministry really want to hear from us all on the future of the two colleges in Blenheim?

Chance to reshape education in region

The secondary education consultation process has been sparked by property issues, the boards of trustees of both colleges however see it as more - a once in 50 years opportunity to reshape secondary education in Marlborough.

Facebook bid to promote schools debate

Facebook Like

A Blenheim mum decided to try to get more people talking about the secondary education submissions process and created a Facebook event.

Have your say on colleges

The simple explanation is that the Ministry wants to hear what works well, what doesn't and what you want for the future

No 'pot of gold' for schools

Kids educated 'like battery hens'

Jeremy Marshall

A lack of public submissions may cost Blenheim the opportunity to develop a state-of-the-art school

Have your say

The final meeting in an Education Ministry consultation round will be held at the Marlborough Girls' College hall tonight.

No decision on schools' future

The Education Ministry has not made any decision about the future of colleges in Blenheim despite rumours to the contrary.

Site too small for colleges

Stuart Smith has weighed in on the schools debate, saying the girls' college site is too small to house both colleges.

Top option spelled out for colleges

Keeping Marlborough Boys' College but building shared specialist teaching facilities at would be the best option

Consultation extended for future of colleges

People will get a further two weeks to have their say on the future of Marlborough Boys' College and Marlborough Girls' College.

Keep colleges apart

A public meeting in Blenheim last night overwhelmingly supported keeping Marlborough colleges on separate sites.

Tight squeeze

A third school could fit on to the combined land used by Marlborough Girls' College and Bohally Intermediate

Future of colleges up for debate


Building a new boys college on the site of Marlborough Girls' College is one option to be explored at a public consultation meeting held next month.

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