Salmon Farms

Positive test a 'rogue result'

A salmon at New Zealand King Salmon's Clay Point farm in the Marlborough Sounds.

Report shows Marlborough Sounds salmon have tested positive for a new fish disease.

Salmon farms all compliant

New Zealand King Salmon's eight Marlborough Sounds farms are compliant with their resource consent conditions

Salmon plant for Picton

Fairfax Media

The expansion of salmon farming in the Marlborough Sounds could see a processing plant set up in Picton

Judgment a 'step forward'

The Supreme Court's decision on salmon farms in the Sounds was a step forward for council planners in clarifying the issues

Three salmon farms 'disappointing'

New Zealand King Salmon has won the right to set up three new marine farms in the Marlborough Sound

King Salmon decision

New Zealand King Salmon has lost one farm, but won its case to have three new farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

Crail Bay can reopen for smoult raising

New Zealand King Salmon has been granted resource consents to re-open its Crail Bay farm to raise smoult.

Fish firm: No shocks in climate report

Long-term climate change effects are less challenging for salmon farming than seasonal swings, New Zealand King Salmon says.

Crail Bay farm plan opposed

Crail Bay had low water flow and a previous salmon farm there had never worked, opponents to a New Zealand King Salmon proposal to farm smolt at the Pelorus Sound site say.

Fish farm plans for Crail Bay

New Zealand King Salmon.

CATHIE BELL - The Marlborough Express

New Zealand King Salmon wants approval to farm smolt in its Crail Bay farm

Rap gets Sounds message across

Danny Boulton

Environmentalist Danny Boulton has taken a fresh approach to his advocacy with an online rap video

Opponents work together

A key player in the fight against salmon-farming expansion in the Marlborough Sounds is enjoying writing guidelines for the industry with courtroom opponents.

Lice kill salmon

Kenny Black

The NZ salmon farming industry is lucky to have no fish pests or diseases so there is no need to treat them with chemicals

Salmon guidelines model of future?

Salmon farming guidelines being workshopped this week are aimed at increasing confidence in how farms are run and monitored.

Millions wasted

Professor Black is advising NZ King Salmon and its opponents to put conflict behind them and work together

An outsider's perspective

Dirty fish farms often perform badly and attract bad press, which reduces demand for the fish

Salmon guidelines due by April

New guidelines for salmon farming in Marlborough should be written by April next year.

Unhappy with balanced approach

The Supreme Court has reserved its decision into a hearing about the decision to allow more salmon farms to be built in the Sounds.

No error in consent

New Zealand King Salmon says a board of inquiry's decision to allow it build four new salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds did not contain an error of law.

Plan in place is sound, insists NZKS

New Zealand King Salmon says it has taken taken a precautionary approach with its plans for developing salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

Salmon hearing continues

Lawyers for the Environmental Defence Society are arguing their case today in the Supreme Court

Business happy to be back


Barely a week after a fire that shut down a factory, Nelson-based New Zealand King Salmon is back producing hot-smoked salmon.

Salmon fight starts in court


A precedent-setting hearing regarding the expansion of Sounds' salmon farms is underway at the Supreme Court

Scottish fish-farming expert visiting

Professor Kenneth Black

Scottish fish-farming expert Kenneth Black is making a week-long visit to Marlborough and Nelson next month.

Fast-track device faces court test

OPINION: How well the Environmental Protection Agency is doing its job goes under the spotlight in the Supreme Court today, writes Bev Doole...

Report moves King Salmon to re-evaluate

An independent review of salmon farming in the Marlborough Sounds has prompted New Zealand King Salmon to develop new industry guidelines

Fish harvest on track

A fire which seriously damaged a NZ King Salmon hot-smoking plant in Nelson on Monday will have no impact on fish harvesting

Factory gutted by fire

A salmon at New Zealand King Salmon's Clay Point farm in the Marlborough Sounds.

New Zealand King Salmon is arranging emergency production after its hot-smoking plant was nearly destroyed in a fire last night.

Fishy rumour laid to rest by email

An email from the Ministry of Primary Industry scotches a rumour that its minister tried to influence a board of inquiry on new salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

Salmon farm's feed allowed

Approval backdated a year


New Zealand King Salmon has been given temporary approval to give fish more feed at its Clay Point farm

Leaked report accessed by two council staff


A tracking system shows only two people opened the report that was leaked to environmental group Sustain Our Sounds

New guidelines to be written

The council is bringing Scottish salmon farming expert Professor Kenneth Black to Marlborough in December

Leaked report


All six of NZ King Salmon's Sounds farms are breaching their resource consents, the leaked Black report says

Legal war guts plan

The $10m struggle faced by NZ King Salmon has probably killed the future of finfish farming.

Fish farming must grow

Jim Bolger, chairman of Mt Cook Alpine Salmon, was the final speaker at the Aquaculture New Zealand conference in Nelson yesterday.

Aquaculture sustainable production


New Zealand King Salmon chief executive Grant Rosewarne responds to the comments by Sustain Our Sounds about the way it operates its fish farms in the Marlborough Sounds......

Pollution the problem with salmon


Sustain Our Sounds deputy chairman and science advisor Rob Schuckard explains why the group has taken its case against salmon farm expansion in the Marlborough Sounds to the Supreme Court.....

Appeals a 'waste of resources'

Grant Rosewarne said the appeals took King Salmon's expenditure on its application to about $10.4 million.

SOS fight about bad 'practices'

Sustain Our Sounds says it is not against salmon farming, only "unsustainable practices of industrial farming'' that threaten the Marlborough Sounds.

Appeal against salmon farms can proceed

The Supreme Court has given environmental groups the right to appeal a High Court decision giving New Zealand King Salmon approval to build four new fish farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

King Salmon ruling reserved

King Salmon

Years of legal wrangling stunted salmon farming returns, King Salmon boss says.

Conditions 'vague'

John Milligan asked why King Salmon don't use accurate points on a map to show where pollution would deposit

Compliance monitoring at issue

King Salmon has applied to change consent conditions governing the way it monitors effects on the seabed

Not naturally in the pink

Levels of omega 3 oils questioned

NZKS is misleading consumers with claims the diet fed to its fish replicates what salmon eat in the wild, says a Consumer NZ report

Live shellfish exports explored

pacific oysters

The Government will begin work towards opening up live shellfish exports to Australia, minister says.

Feed level hearing


An application by NZKS to increase feed levels at its Clay Point farm has attracted seven submissions

Feed limits 'put salmon at risk'

NZKS's lawyers say unless they can feed out more pellets they will have to starve, cull or harvest small fish

Too late to change submission dates

The council is powerless to extend deadlines on applications by NZ King Salmon to change the way it runs its Clay Pt farm

'Secret' report's author may visit

Professor Kenneth Black

The council has invited a Scottish fish farming expert to visit and help develop salmon farming guidelines

Guidelines for salmon farming

Salmon farm

The Ministry for Primary Industries, council and NZ King Salmon are working to develop guidelines for salmon farms

Call centre returning

One of the top of the south's biggest companies has relocated its customer service centre from Auckland

Mussel farm extensions granted

Council has approved extensions totalling 16 hectares to three mussel farms in Pelorus Sound.

King Salmon wants changes backdated

New Zealand King Salmon is applying to the council to use 500 more tonnes of feed a year at a salmon farm

Black report 'a work in progress'

The Express and Sustain Our Sounds are calling for public release of the report by Professor Kenny Black

Councillor angry report not released

Peter Jerram is furious the council is suppressing a report relevant to a resource consent application

Salmon farms report 'secret'

King Salmon

The council is suppressing a Scottish fish-farming expert's report paid for by ratepayers

Groups apply to appeal

Two environmental groups yesterday took their fight against New Zealand King Salmon's expansion plans to the Supreme Court.

Appeal 'extremely disappointing'

Two environmental groups have applied to the Supreme Court against the expansion of NZ King Salmon's farms

Salmon boss defends right to costs

Grant Rosewarne says the company has a legal right to consider pursuing costs

NZKS 'intimidation' unacceptable

Grant Rosewarn

New Zealand King Salmon chief executive Grant Rosewarne is being accused of using bullying tactics

Suppliers keen to see farm grow

Some companies are hoping for a business bonanza after the court rejected the appeal against NZ King Salmon

Salmon farms fight alive

King Salmon

Environmental groups may appeal the King Salmon High Court decision issued this week.

Sounds fish farms can go ahead

King Salmon

The High Court has thrown out appeals to the decision to grant New Zealand King Salmon consent to develop four new fish farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

Science around fish farm effects reviewed

Cawthron changed the way it measured the effects of fish farms to achieve more accurate results.

Expert cross-checks report on King Salmon

A Scottish fish-farming expert has been called in to check the accuracy of reports on the impact of New Zealand King Salmon farms on the Marlborough Sounds seabed.

Water study ahead of salmon farms

Scientists will start monitoring water in parts of the Sounds where NZ King Salmon plans to build new fish farms

Consent compliance known soon

Council will know next month whether NZ King Salmon's existing farms comply with resource consent conditions.

Salmon farm bid affected by board of inquiry

Parties appealing a decision allowing a salmon farm in the Pelorus Sound are in a tricky situation because of the New Zealand King Salmon board of inquiry, Environment Court judge John Jackson says.

Sea friendly net-work

NZ King Salmon has spent over $1 million on more environmentally friendly equipment to clean its salmon farm nets

Firm gets nod to farm oysters

pacific oysters

Beleve Ltd has been given the go-ahead to farm oysters at Oyster Bay in Croisilles Harbour

Port Gore farm 'right'

EPA decision-makers made the right call by approving a fish farm at Port Gore in the outer Sounds

Lack of conditions in plan change

Matthew Palmer

Matthew Palmer drove home Sustain Our Sounds' legal argument against New Zealand King Salmon

Environmentalists critical of decision

The Environmental Defence Society is using King Salmon as a vehicle to promote its interpretation of the Coastal Policy Statement

Should fish farms pay rent?

James Gardner-Hopkins

Charging NZ King Salmon for farming fish in publicly owned space could put money in the bank

Accusations of policy picking on fish farms

Matthew Palmer

Environmental Protection Authority decision-makers ignored key parts of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement when they gave the stamp of approval to new fish farms at Papatua and Waitata in the Marlborough Sounds, Environmental Defence Society lawyer Robert Enright says.

Council 'neutral' on fish farms

Court generic

Council lawyer Stephen Quinn took a softly-softly approach at the NZ King Salmon appeal hearing yesterday

Council 'took neutral stance'

Alistair Sowman

The Marlborough District Council yesterday submitted a summary document to reiterate to the High Court that it was a neutral party to the appeal being heard against New Zealand King Salmon.

NZKS 'should prepare' fresh case

Matthew Palmer

Sustain Our Sounds has asked the High Court to tear up a decision allowing NZKS to build fish farms

Jobs loss warning

A High Court appeal today is pivotal to the future of NZ King Salmon and its 450 workers.

Council under fire over appeal

A council submission to the High Court goes beyond the council's mandate as a neutral observer

Marine farming active

Marine farmers have lodged 51 applications to farm additional or new space in the Sounds since October 2011

Political action not 'charitable'

The Guardians of the Sounds plans to fight a government threat to strip the group of its charitable status

Salmon farm appeal

The Environment Court will next month hear an appeal against a Marlborough District Council decision to grant resource consent to United Fisheries to farm salmon at the site of a mussel farm in Pelorus Sound.

Bay a 24/7 industrial zone

William Scholefield predicts a gold rush of applications to extend mussel farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

Guardians boss quits

Peter Beech

Veteran activist Peter Beech has retired as chairman of environmental group Guardians of the Sounds

NZ King Salmon jobs could go

Legal challenges to NZ King Salmon's Marlborough Sounds expansion could cause staff cuts

Salmon boss defends feeding regime

Grant Rosewarne

Monitoring results for New Zealand King Salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds are open to interpretation

Musseling up to threat

The greenshell mussel industry is well-placed to respond to the challenge of toxic algal blooms, Aquaculture New Zealand media adviser Adam Hicks said yesterday.

Funding for salmon research


$700,000 to spend on finding out why some fish are deformed and to develop vaccines to prevent infections.

Salmon farm reports to be assessed

salmon sale

Council will take an in-depth look at the latest monitoring results for New Zealand King Salmon fish farms

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