Basket case

Ham and cheese brioche

After three unsuccessful forays I was persuaded that the best picnics were at the outdoor table in our own sheltered backyard.

Cheeses to please

Lady Elizabeth IV

Many of our specialty cheeses are created by boutique producers from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

Crackerjack chicken

Caramel chicken with popcorn.

Without too much imagination and time, chicken can be grilled, stir-fried, used in casseroles and soups, baked or roasted

Something to sprout about

Sango and chicken rice paper rolls

JAN BILTON - The Marlborough Express

Those little feathery sprouts usually sold in packets at your supermarket are highly nutritious.

Trending black garlic

 Henley players

Fermented foods such as black garlic are "trending". This is a relatively new product here but is a taste sensation many people will enjoy.

New menus for changing tastes

Rowan West

Marlborough restaurants have been adapting and expanding their menus to cater for the latest fad diets.

Good eating without going broke

Curried lentils and kumara.

Flatters and young marrieds often ask me how they can keep their weekly food bill in check. Here are 10 ideas.

Meat makes the cut

Simon Fell

Have you ever wondered how meat cuts acquired their names? Some are confusing and controversial.

Lim visits wine, food producers

Famous foodie gets a taste of Marlborough

pick and mix

Foodie fans can feast on Marlborough's culinary classics from Yealands wine to liquorice-tasting garlic and Marlborough Sounds mussels on Sky's Food TV next week.

Winning Kiwi


A selection of new international ideas for the deliciously versatile kiwifruit.

Fair fare


Generally speaking, Kiwis believe in the idea of a fair go. So it is no great surprise that Fairtrade imported goods are gaining in popularity.

Unusually delicious


Jan Bilton takes some less common ingredients and makes some uncommonly tasty dishes.

The wrath of online criticism

Michael Neal

Restaurateur says unmoderated and negative comments could cost jobs and close businesses.

Citrus season

Matt Dainty

Luckily, vitamin C-rich citrus fruits are abundant at this time of the year.

Roasts to relish

Mulled venison roast

Selaks NZ Roast Day (Sunday, August 3) celebrates our favourite cook-up, and is an occasion to enjoy with family and friends.

Revamp for cafe

Surprise planned for Saint Clair revamp

Saint Clair Family Estate

Saint Clair Cellar Door and Cafe will be closing for eight weeks so it can get a fresh coat of paint and an extended kitchen.

Foodie fare

Wychwood Brewery

I regularly attend at least two of the three annual Food Shows and I am delighted that the number of foodie fans attending just keeps increasing.

Slowly does it

Crockpot vegetable gumbo.

Long and slow - what a delicious and easy way to make a meal

Know your onions


Although they're members of the lily family, leeks, onions and shallots have characteristics that make them more distant cousins than siblings.

Science of home-made goodies

Richard Emerson

JAN BILTON - The Marlborough Express

Baking is much more of a scientific experiment than cooking the evening meal.

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