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Intersection to get upgrade, underpass

A concept plan showing how a planned upgrade of the intersection of Champion and Salisbury roads in Richmond might look. ...

An underpass below Champion Rd will make it easier, and safe, for cyclists and pedestrians travelling to and from Richmond.

Arctic Amarok has cappuccino maker video

Wide-boy Amarok ute destined for Iceland as support vehicle for snow driving events.

How much your new Audi electric-SUV will cost video

Ladder smashes through windscreen

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Diesel Commodore is smooth and smart

It has a Commodore badge, but Holden has had a tough time convincing a lot of people that is what the ZB is.

It might seem sacrilegious to some, but a German-built, diesel-powered Commodore has a lot going for it.

Six-year-old in raptures over Raptor video

Raptor seems larger than life. Especially to a six year old.

Ford's out-there Ranger Raptor is about to be launched in Europe. There's a young London lad who'll be able to skite to his schoolmates that he's already experienced it in NZ.

Santa's gifts to Tucson video

Tucson, take two: Hyundai's medium SUV was launched back in 2015, so it's time for a tweak.

Hyundai's large Santa Fe SUV has gifted some great tech to the smaller Tucson.

HSV still 'makes' a V8 four-door video

Double-decker front is a Chevrolet truck signature look.

Now this is a big deal: a Chevrolet Silverado truck re-engineered for right-hand drive by HSV.


Boys help woman after bike crash

Kyran Old,12, and Keelan Lamaster,11, rushed to the aid of an 18-year-old who seriously injured herself at New ...

A piercing scream is what interrupted three Taranaki boy's BMX ride on New Year's Day.

Motocross behind the iron curtain video

Gibbes was a stunt rider for the movie The Great Escape. He says Steve McQueen was a big showoff, but a nice guy all the ...

Visiting communist countries more dangerous than competing in them for motocross legend.

Cops stumped on bike, e-scooter crash

Cyclist Michael Cannon was riding along Quay St on his way home from work on November 26 when he was bowled off his bike ...

Police are trying to figure out who's liable after an e-scooter rider and cyclist crashed, knocking the cyclist unconscious.

Hog dealership landed

Gary Worsley Motorcycles in Feidlng has become the new Harley-Davidson dealership. From left, Blair Worsley and Scott ...

Store expected to draw hundreds of Harley-Davidson owners into Feilding.


The Toyota Supra is back! video

Toyota says the Supra has perfect 50:50 weight distribution and that the 3.0-litre six version should rattle off the 0 ...

Toyota has finally revealed the all-new Supra at the Detroit motor show.

Top car tech trends from CES video

The Consumer Electronics Show is rapidly becoming a car show as manufacturers flock there to present their vision of the ...

Every year the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas attracts more car makers keen to show off the near - and distant - future of cars.

Best concept cars of 2018 video

Ten best concept cars of 2018

We look back at 2018 through the lens of the concept cars that were revealed over the last 12 months.

Bigger still better in LA video

LA Show

Here are five cars (well, SUVs and trucks) from the Los Angeles motor show that prove that, in America at least, bigger is still very much better.

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Little fire engine back in Point video

Keith Malthus of Pleasant Point, pictured with a 1952 Ford V8 that was originally the Pleasant Point brigade appliance ...

A 66-year-old fire engine has been tracked down by a South Canterbury fire brigade more than 40 years after it was feared out of their hands forever.

One of a kind BMW restored video

The team of apprentices and instructors that worked on restoring the one-of-a-kind car.

Apprentices at BMW have restored the only example of a 1600 GT convertible left in the world.

Aston's clever EV solution video

Now this would totally confuse that  inevitable Nissan Leaf owner at the local fast charger.

Don't want to ruin your classic Aston Martin converting it into an EV? Aston can now help you there, sir.

$350,000 for a Ford Cortina? video

Would you pay NZ$350,000 for a Ford Cortina? You probably would for this particular one.

A very special Ford Cortina is heading to auction in the UK soon. But would you pay $350,000 for it?


Days of stick-on sat-nav over

The death of personal navigation devices means TomTom has to change tack in a big way.

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