Five one-tonne pick-ups that cost more than $80K

Five utes over $80k
Five utes over $80k

If you have ever desired to spend more than $80,000 to carry a tonne (more or less), then you are living in the right time - there are no shortage of $80K+ utes these days, particularly if you start accessorising them.

Today we look at five that start at more than 80 grand. Well, it's actually more than five - we have included ALL the American trucks in one, because it didn't seem fair to leave any of them out...

Mercedes-Benz X350d Progressive - $81,205

We head to Slovenia to be among the first to drive the V6 version of Mercedes-Benz's X-Class ute.

Who would've though the Mercedes-Benz would drop in as the cheapest on this list? Admittedly, the HSV SportsCat+ is slightly cheaper in manual form (by just $215), but seeing as everything else here is auto, it is only fair to compared the auto HSV.

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It is also worth remembering that this is the entry V6 X-class and there will also no doubt be some excitingly more expensive variants in the pipeline. 

An AMG version? While they repeatedly deny it, the current ute power wars could well force their hand. Plus the company has only ever denied a V8 AMG X-class. AMG do have a rather tasty V6 that would do the trick...

HSV Colorado SportsCat+ - $82,990

The HSV Colorado SportsCat is a new direction for the Aussie company that is best known for its powerful V8s - a diesel ute with no extra power!

HSV's first big derivation from its V8 sports sedan roots packs some serious re-engineering under a standard Holden Colorado ute to bump up its on-road handling and off-road capabilities, but it does come at not-insubstantial $16K price bump over a Z71 auto as well.

Unfortunately, one thing that isn't bumped up is power, with the HSV version retaining the same 147kW/500Nm engine as the Holden.

And you can get even more carried away and option it up with even more serious off-road suspension and, of course, a big range of body addenda, effortlessly making your SportsCat excitingly more expensive if you really want to.

Ford Ranger Raptor - $84,990

The Ford Ranger Raptor has landed (quite literally) in our part of the world and we are among the first to drive it!

Ford's awesomely fun Ranger Raptor doesn't technically belong here because the magnificent off-road set up has seen the maximum payload drop down to just 750kg, meaning the Raptor isn't strictly a one-tonner.

Still, with the sort of spectacularly joyous off-road performance the Raptor has, it is well worth the sacrifice.

While it might be set up for high-speed off-road antics, a handy side effect of this is also a remarkably supple ride and astonishingly capable on-road handling as well.

But its towing capacity has also dropped as well (down to 2,500kg), meaning that the Raptor is the least capable ute here. But also the most fun by far.

Volkswagen Amarok V6 Aventura 190kW - $90,000

Exactly what are you getting for your money with the $90k Amarok Aventura pickup truck?

While the Amarok V6 range starts at $70,000, that is for the 165kW/550Nm version -  if you want the heavy hitting 190kW/580Nm version, you have to be happy to break the $90k mark. For a ute.

But it is quite a ute, with its remarkable refinement and big power.

While the 190kW/550Nm Mercedes-Benz X-class might seem better value on this list, the closer comparison with the Aventura is the higher-spec X350d Power that costs $88,325.

Sadly though, unlike the Mercedes, even the top spec Amarok still lacks rear airbags, an almost unforgivable sin these days...

The big Americans

Watch Fiat Chrysler's largest passenger vehicle (sort of) meet its smallest.

While the Ram 1500 and 2500, and HSV's other ute, the Chevrolet Silverado, are utterly huge, they actually only have similar payloads to the smaller pick ups on this list.

That is because the big American pick ups are all about the towing, with even the "smallest" Ram 1500 capable of hauling a full tonne more than the rest of this list (4,500kg), while the bigger trucks can drag up to 6.9 tonnes.

Of course, there is a substantial cost to all of this, with the Ram 1500 starting at $89,990 and the Silverado and Ram 2500 starting at $134,990 and going up from there...