Aha! You can buy Alan Partridge's Aston Martin!

Steve Coogan and his Aston Martin DBS V8, forgetting he isn't in character.
Steve Coogan and his Aston Martin DBS V8, forgetting he isn't in character.

Alan Partridge might be a fictional character, but he is a car guy.

He knows the difference between a Mini Metro and a Rover Metro ("They've rebadged it you fool"), he appreciates the craftsmanship of Lexus ("The Japanese Mercedes"), he knows what to wear to get a look that says "I'm in control of my vehicle" and he even hosted his own video compilation of car crashes - Crash, Bang, Wallop: What a Video!

Whether it be debating the plural of Lexus (Lexii?), wearing an inappropriately branded racing jacket to a funeral or berating his ex-wife's new partner's choice of a Renault Megane with the legendary utterance "Not my words, Carol. The words of Top Gear magazine", Partridge is that colossal car know-it-all hidden deeply inside every car fan.

But did you know that  the creator of the inept radio and TV host, British comedian Steve Coogan, is a car guy as well? Well, he is, and he is the owner of some very tasty metal indeed.

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One of which he is putting up for sale at the Silverstone Classic Auction at the end of this month - a gorgeous 1970 Aston Martin DBS V8 with a unique and interesting history.

Designed by the legendary William Towns, the DBS arrived in 1969 as a four-seater V8 coupe. Coogan's car was the original factory press car that was used to launch the new model and in 1971 was taken onto the unfinished M4 motorway by Motor Magazine and tested over a measured mile at an average speed of 160mph, which was considered a simply staggering speed at the time.

When the car left Aston Martin in 1973 little was known of its whereabouts until it was discovered in a field in Scotland in need of restoration. This was duly carried out by specialists Chapman and Spooner.

Coogan bought the car in 2011 and has meticulously maintained it since, with Silverstone Auctions saying the DBS V8 is in superb condition and still retains its original Becker-Mexico radio but with the addition of iPod connectivity (which is actually quite retro itself these days...). We bet Dan would appreciate that.

The company estimates that the car's selling range will be between £145,000 (NZ$275,000) to £165,000 (NZ$313,000) at the Silverstone Classic Auction  on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July.

"We are delighted to have been asked by Steve Coogan to sell this magnificent and historically important car which is in outstanding and concours condition," said Nick Whale, Managing Director of Silverstone Auctions.

"He is obviously famous for his acting and comedy but is also a distinguished car collector and has really looked after this DBS V8."

Not my words, Carol. The words of Silverstone Auctions.